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Sep 01 2021

Jake Sullivan Offers Money to Taliban

It started with the Taliban declaring war on the USA by allowing its al Qaeda allies to use Afghanistan to launch a terror attack that killed thousands of Americans. It ends with Democrats handing Taliban terrorists $billions worth of military hardware and then reserving for them a first-class seat on the international welfare gravy train:

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said it is possible that the Biden administration would provide aid to the Taliban following the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and the collapse of the Afghan government.

Direct aid to terrorists complicit in 9/11. At this point, Democrats believe they can get away with anything. The money will come out of our savings through inflation after the government prints it.

The idea is to try to control terrorists with bribes. No one knows better than the Taliban/al Qaeda that Democrats can be played for willing suckers, so the cost of the bribes will endlessly escalate, as will the terror war against America that the bribes help finance.

Even a pointy-headed representative of the liberal elite like Jake “Pencil Neck” Sullivan understands that the Taliban thugs we have been fighting for 20 years are our enemy, right? Right, Jake?


[MSNBC moonbat] Nicolle Wallace asked Sullivan about the U.S. government’s posture toward the Taliban.

“Are they are frenemy? Are they our adversary? Are they our enemy? Are they — what are they?” Wallace asked.

Despite decades of witnessing barbaric rule by Taliban leaders and fighters, Sullivan responded by saying the Biden administration would not place a “label” on the Taliban because they don’t yet know, allegedly, how the Taliban will rule Afghanistan (this time around).

Why not just cut to the chase and turn our own government over to the Taliban? At least they aren’t feckless weenies.

A moonbat interviews a feckless weenie.

On a tip from Chuck A.


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