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Mar 31 2024

Javier Milei Drains the Swamp

The USA is coming to a fork in the road. We can see where one path goes by looking to the north, where authorities warn of societal collapse under squishy soft liberal tyrant Justin Trudeau. All the way in the opposite direction, Javier Milei presents the other option:

Argentine President Javier Milei announced his plans to slash 70,000 government jobs in an effort to shrink government expenditure and reduce the national deficit to zero. …

Over 50,000 of Argentina’s approximately 3.5 million public sector employees have already been dismissed, but more cuts were on the way.

Even in Argentina, upon which government hypertrophy has inflicted pointless misery for decades, pushback will be ferocious:

The Association of State Workers (ATE), one of the unions representing public employees, claimed that at least 10,000 state workers have already been let go as of Thursday. ATE leader Rodolfo Aguiar called the layoffs “illegal” and “unjustified” and called for a national strike on April 3.

Milei is also halting public pork projects and taking his budgetary chainsaw to wasteful welfare programs. It has to be done:

Argentina’s inflation rate has reached a three-decade high at over 250 percent, with an estimated 57 percent of the country living in poverty. To end the economic crisis, Milei has slashed state subsidies, reduced the number of government ministries by half, closed state agencies, and devalued the peso by 50 percent.

That’s the sort of decisive leadership that will be required to get the USA’s staggering national debt under control.

Other benefits of purging our own hostile bureaucracy are obvious to any lover of freedom. But who will have the nerve to carry out this essential task before the parasite finishes killing the host? The liberal establishment thinks Trump might do it, or it would not have worked itself into a hysterical frenzy over the likelihood that he would win a fair election.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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