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Apr 19 2024

Why NPR Must Be Immediately Defunded

NPR has always been moonbatty, often to the point of inducing nausea, but in recent years it has gone overboard into hardcore leftism. Uri Berliner worked there for a quarter of a century. He was recently driven out for publicly noticing the extreme bias of what is supposed to be an objective news outlet:

The change, he said, started with the election of Donald Trump. He described how the programming relentlessly pushed the Russian-collusion story only to leave it largely unmentioned once the Mueller report did not establish collusion; how NPR consciously refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story in the runup to the 2020 election; and how during Covid, its journalists portrayed the lab-leak theory as having been debunked when it had not been.

There is a thin line between spinning and lying. NPR crosses it on behalf of a profoundly destructive ideology.

In the wake of the George Floyd killing and the ensuing riots, NPR followed other institutions in imposing a DEI framework organization-wide.

NPR pushed its trademark flakiness to new extremes with “affinity groups”…

… including “MGIPOC (Marginalized Genders and Intersex People of Color mentorship program); Mi Gente (Latinx employees at NPR); NPR Noir (black employees at NPR); Southwest Asians and North Africans at NPR; Ummah (for Muslim-identifying employees); Women, Gender-Expansive, and Transgender People in Technology Throughout Public Media; Khevre (Jewish heritage and culture at NPR); and NPR Pride (LGBTQIA employees at NPR).”

Imagine expecting accurate coverage from this collective of kooks.

NPR regards identity group diversity as its “North Star.” As for viewpoint diversity,

When Berliner did a search of voter-registration records of editorial employees of the D.C. newsroom, he found 87 Democrats and zero Republicans.

They say a fish rots from the head. The head of NPR is CEO Katherine Maher:

“I do wish Hillary wouldn’t use the language of ‘boy and girl,’” she lamented in 2016, “it’s erasing language for non-binary people.” In 2020, she defended rioters, posting, “I mean, sure, looting is counterproductive. But it’s hard to be mad about protests not prioritizing the private property of a system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors as private property.” She also wrote, “Lots of jokes about leaving the US, and I get it. But as someone with cis white mobility privilege, I’m thinking I’m staying and investing in ridding ourselves of this spectre of tyranny.”

That must be a reference to Donald Trump, whose participation in a fair election represents what NPR types would call a “threat to Our Democracy.”

At another point, she posted a picture of herself — masked outdoors, naturally — with a “Biden for President” hat. In a meandering TED Talk that makes Vice President Kamala Harris’s musings seem coherent, Maher blurted out the gem that, “We all have different truths.”

Prepare to be condescended to as the head of NPR explains the concept of truth:

She clarifies that although all “truths” are equally valid, truths that do not comply with woke ideology are not valid; bitterly clinging to these wrong truths is what causes deplorables to distrust the liberal establishment:

Maher calls the First Amendment the “number 1 challenge” to suppressing “bad information” — i.e., “truths” she doesn’t like:

In this apparatchik’s conception of utopia, everything except the corrosive lies spewed on NPR would be illegal.

Bad enough that the federal government forces us to fund a news program. This is obviously unnecessary given the alphabet soup of news outlets (ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/ETC.) and outside its constitutional purview. Forcing us to fund propaganda that does not pass the laugh test as objective news is corrupt.

Grotesquely excessive federal spending threatens the viability of the American economy. To save the country, a Javier Milei style chainsaw is required. Defunding low-hanging fruit like NPR/PBS is a no-brainer.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tip: Matt Walsh.


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2 Responses to “Why NPR Must Be Immediately Defunded”

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  2. […] hard to overstate the danger posed by the leftists who control the media. Consider Katherine Maher, cartoonishly woke CEO of the state-affiliated propaganda outlet NPR. Her ambitions are bigger than spooning out […]


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