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Aug 22 2022

Joe Manchin Shafts Country and Gets Shafted in Return

Joe Manchin sold out his country to pass the devastating Inflation Exacerbation Act, which will launch inflation into orbit with hundreds of $billions in outrageously wasteful spending, much of it in the name of “green energy” — i.e., boondoggles that launder cash and kill eagles but cannot generate significant amounts of electricity. The bill will also crank up taxes during a recession and double the size of the IRS at a time when Big Government is already suffocating average Americans like a facehugger from Alien.

Manchin’s home state is reliant on producing real energy, and will consequently be hurt even worse than other states by the bill. He made a deal with fellow Democrats who are war with the energy industry to let this act of economic sabotage pass into law in exchange for approval of a gas pipeline in West Virginia.

Lie down with snakes, get bit:

[The pipeline Manchin was promised] would require passage of legislation that would “overhaul the permitting process for energy infrastructure,” according to The American Prospect, a liberal website.

Apparently, progressives in the House are not keen on supporting a measure that “could undercut the IRA’s down payment on clean energy by accelerating approval for energy projects that could ramp up U.S. fossil fuel production and exports of natural gas,” The American Prospect reported.

The Washington Times reported House Democrats were also angry over being excluded from the negotiations with Manchin.

Thus, they do not plan to honor the agreement.

Democrats not honor an agreement? Next, we will hear that it isn’t wise to negotiate with terrorists.

No one who would take the word of elected Democrats has the intelligence required to serve competently in the Senate. The party’s figurehead is Joe “No New Taxes on Anyone Making Less Than $400,000” Biden. It is led in the Senate by the Machiavellian reptile with whom Manchin made the deal.

If Manchin has any self-respect, he will resign in protest. The alternative is to let his betrayed constituents do to him in 2024 what Liz Cheney’s did to her in the recent primary.

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