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Jan 12 2024

Johns Hopkins Diversity Chief Marginalizes the Privileged

Intersectionality is required to reach the pinnacle of the liberal caste system. It is not enough to be black, sexually deranged, foreign, disabled, et cetera. To achieve the highest levels of favoritism you must belong to a combination of “oppressed” identity groups.

By the same token, intersectionality dictates that those who belong to multiple “privileged” groups rank at the bottom. Regrettably, there is a good chance you stand guilty of intersectional privilege:

A diversity chief at Johns Hopkins Medicine sent a “monthly diversity digest” email to staff with a letter that declared all white people, Christians and men are “privileged.”

Medical schools used to be primarily concerned with medicine. This is no longer the case, to the extent they have been subordinated to the task of instilling the ideology of our ruling class.

Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, chief diversity officer for the hospital system, also included “heterosexuals” and English speakers in the “privileged” category in her missive to all staff.

Other groups she scorns as privileged include the able-bodied, “cisgender people,” “middle or owning class people,” and those who are middle-aged.

Collect as many oppressed identities as you can, while avoiding privileged identities. Otherwise, you might find yourself last hired, first fired, and at the end of the line for medical care.

Earning still more enmity from the liberal establishment, Elon Musk reacted by gasping “This must end!” However, as the New York Post sniffs,

Musk, the richest man on the planet, also happens to be white, cisgender and English-speaking.

His intersectionally privileged kind must be marginalized or better still eradicated before woke utopia can be achieved.

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