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Mar 01 2022

Kamala Harris Explains Why USA Has Entered Tailspin

This time the stopped clock is right:

As Monica Showalter observes,

[Kamala Harris] does sound like a parody of herself — flip, sarcastic, drunk-ish, gulping, self-satisfied, signature giggles thrown in — and not at all serious.

Yet Kamala is correct. Voters got what they asked for.

Everyone knew that she was utterly incompetent. That’s why her primary campaign collapsed before voting even started. She is where she is for the same reason Ketanji Brown Jackson will soon sit on the Supreme Court: she is left-wing, female, and not Caucasian. Under the present administration, no other qualifications are required.

We knew well in advance that key positions would be filled on an Affirmative Action basis, just as we knew that Biden is corrupt, stupid, unserious, senile, incompetent, feckless, and easily manipulated by the lunatic left. Yet millions voted for him anyway. Now we are all getting what these people asked for.

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