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Mar 02 2022

Senate Candidate Vicky Hartzler Suppressed by Twitter

Democrats didn’t try to repeal the First Amendment. Instead, they rendered it obsolete by outsourcing censorship to Big Tech, which controls the means of communication. If Twitter can censor a sitting president, essentially on the grounds that he was elected against the wishes of the liberal establishment, it can suppress any opinion that contradicts leftist doctrine, no matter how inarguably true. So it brought down the ban hammer on Vicky Hartzler, a congresswoman (R-MO) running for the Senate:

Senate candidate Vicky Hartzler’s campaign said she has no plans to delete a tweet in which she wrote, “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women,” even after Twitter said she won’t be able to tweet, retweet, follow or like posts until she does.

The apparatchiks at Twitter cannot dispute this remark, which no reasonable person could disagree with. So they denounce it as “hateful.”

Being banished from Twitter is a major hindrance if you are trying to run a Senate campaign. Silicon Valley not only censors us, it interferes in our elections.

The Constitution protects us from overreach by government. It needs to be acknowledged that Big Tech is in effect a branch of the government, or at the very least a branch of the Democratic Party.

Following its display of power intended to chill speech, Twitter has let her back on for now. To her credit, she is not backing down, to judge from item #10 on this list of things Biden voters asked for and received:

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