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Nov 03 2020

Keystone State Shenanigans

The Keystone State may be the key to this election. It looked like we would have to wait to get the results. On Sunday, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said most votes would not be counted until after election day. There will be 10 times as many fraud-prone mail-in ballots as in 2016, and they won’t even start counting them until tomorrow. Ballots don’t have to be received until 3 days from now. But it turns out we won’t have to wait after all. The state’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro all but called the race on Saturday:

“Protecting voting rights” is Liberalese for cheating.

Sure enough, the shenanigans have already begun in Philadelphia, where black supremacists infamously intimidated voters in 2008 and 2012. Via Trending Politics:

The real deviltry starts after the election if Biden doesn’t win. Via the American Spectator:

Here in Pennsylvania, our state supreme court has mandated that a mail-in ballot received up to three days after Election Day must be counted and cannot be rejected merely because it is not postmarked by the statutory Election Day deadline or bears a signature that doesn’t match the one on record for the purported voter.

Care to guess how many such unverifiable ballots will mysteriously turn up after Election Day?

The Supreme Court could have applied the brakes on this, but John Roberts sided with the liberals and newly arrived ACB recused herself, so the Pennsylvania monkey business stands.

Maybe Josh Shapiro was right to call the state in advance. Then again, there are limits to how many votes Democrats can get away with manufacturing. Trump voters need to get to the polls and make sure it isn’t close.

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