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Feb 17 2022

Kicked Off Flight for Let’s Go Brandon Mask

Covid hysteria has turned air travel into totalitarianism in the sky, making flight attendant an ideal occupation for petty tyrants. Remember when a Spirit Airlines stewardess forced a countermoonbat to take off his Covid muzzle because its message “Let’s Go Brandon” offended her? Allegiant Airlines takes it a step farther by actually kicking fans of Brandon off of flights. Although I can’t see it, this guy apparently committed a thought crime by writing the forbidden meme on his mask:

As noted at Not the Bee:

There was nothing obscene on that man’s mask that would warrant such an episode.

Yes, it is a reference to “F*** Joe Biden,” but in the way “Dang” and “Heck” refer to stronger words. It’s a joke, but apparently jokes (or anything criticizing the regime) are now in violation of the FAA rules.

Lavish corporate support for Black Lives Matter marked the absorption of the business world into ultraleft politics. That means suppression of political speech can be outsourced to the private sector, rendering the First Amendment null and void.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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