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Feb 05 2024

Laughs Continue at Harvard

As noted in the aftermath of the Claudine Gay and Sherri Ann Charleston debacles,

Harvard has an endowment of $51 billion, but its most valuable asset has been its reputation for excellence. This reputation has been exchanged for laughing stock status in the name of moonbattery.

The laughs continue:

Harvard Divinity School (HDS) offered students a “Gathering to Breathe and Heal” and to “discuss and process” the resignation of former university president and accused plagiarist Claudine Gay.

HDS’ Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) hosted the hour-long gathering in Swartz Hall’s Braun Room Thursday afternoon.

“[We] enter this semester with a deep awareness of the grief so many of us are carrying on campus,” the HDS DIB office wrote in an email sent to the “HDS Community.”

The HDS DIB promises that it “remains steadfast to our commitment to … restorative justice rooted in indigeneity.” As parodies of moonbats, these people are hilarious.

As diversity/equity/inclusion erodes standards, plagiarism is becoming rife at Harvard. It extends beyond the low-IQ educrats in charge of inflicting DEI:

Top Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Khalid Shah allegedly falsified data and plagiarized images across 21 papers, data manipulation expert Elisabeth M. Bik said.

The main purpose of Harvard is to staff the nomenklatura. A ruling class that it is impossible to respect or even take seriously will not remain in power for indefinitely.

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