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Aug 18 2022

Laying the Groundwork to Cancel John Wayne

John Wayne became an icon by emblematizing the rugged individualism that made America great. This is why he must be canceled. However, Wayne remains such a cultural giant that despite their efforts Democrats have not even managed to change the name of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. A disgraceful event from Hollywood history may give them the pretext they need.


On March 27, 1973, the actor Marlon Brando declines the Academy Award for Best Actor for his career-reviving performance in The Godfather. The Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather attended the ceremony in Brando’s place, stating that the actor “very regretfully” could not accept the award, as he was protesting Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in film.

What a posturing, sanctimonious jackass. Note that the award he threw back in Tinseltown’s face was granted to him for playing an Italian mobster. This is closer to a bigoted stereotype than Hollywood’s white-washed depiction of the horrific Stone Age barbarism prevailing in the wild West before it was tamed.

Having portrayed the sort of guy who tamed it has John Wayne in the crosshairs of the thought police:

While some cheered Littlefeather on, many others voiced their disagreement with what she was saying. Amongst them was Wayne, who regularly starred as a cowboy who was often at odds with Indigenous characters.

“During my presentation, he was coming towards me to forcibly take me off the stage, and he had to be restrained by six security men to prevent him from doing so,” Littlefeather told The Guardian in a 2021 interview that has resurfaced.

Whether this is an accurate depiction of the event is irrelevant. Who is going to call Sacheen Littlefeather a liar? That could get you canceled — which is the fate they have in mind for John Wayne.

Get classics like The Searchers on DVD while you still can.

Vintage gag-inducing political correctness.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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