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Nov 17 2022

Leftists Subvert Medical Education

Moonbattery destroys everything it infiltrates. Now it is subverting medical education:

The [Association of American Medical Colleges] surveyed 101 institutions, representing almost two-thirds of American medical schools (two are in Canada), asking for audits of their DEI-related policies and programs.

DEI is short for hardcore Cultural Marxist moonbattery. D for Diversity translates to antiwhite racial discrimination. E for Equity implies the level of authoritarianism necessary to dictate that no blade of grass can grow taller than another. I for Inclusion emphasizes the promotion of sexual depravity.

The AAMC asked medical schools to answer 89 yes-or-no questions on whether they have specific DEI activities. The results are shown as a kind of report card. Schools that score 80% are colored green, and those that score between 61% and 80% are yellow. Institutions below the 60% threshold are red — a sign of failure.

The leftist social engineers at the AAMC have power because they are involved in the accreditation of medical schools.

We have gotten used to test scores plummeting, but this time scores are high:

All told, more than six out of 10 medical schools scored 80%. … Crucially, no institution scored lower than 50% — meaning virtually every medical school is implementing at least half the policies woke activists want.

Among the most favored of these policies is Affirmative Action, which promotes less qualified individuals based on their membership in preferred identity groups.

100% have “admissions policies and practices for encouraging a diverse class of students.” Fully 85% have leaders who’ve “used demographic data to promote change” within their institution.

To state the obvious,

This approach risks de-prioritizing merit, leading to a lower quality of medical students.

As if this were Stalinist Russia, students learn in a climate of political fear and ubiquitous ideology:

Some 98% have created a system for students to report bias, which risks self-censorship from educators who fear reprisals for teaching health care’s more difficult topics. The same percentage have launched new initiatives or funding streams for DEI, while 97% have “a dedicated office, staff, and resources.”

The Long March Through the Institutions has claimed medical education, the primary purpose of which is no longer to train health professionals but to promote moonbattery.

The AAMC is pushing 100% of medical schools to score 100% in each category, and most are trending in that direction. This doesn’t bode well for the future of health care. Medical schools are broadly lowering standards for admissions, faculty and research while devoting a higher share of resources to political lobbying, politicized bureaucracy and public virtue signaling.

Moonbattery works fast and has been picking up speed. It took only 3 centuries to reduce Dutch art from Rembrandt to Willem de Kooning. It took only 2 centuries to reduce American government from James Madison to Joe Biden. Unless reversed, it will take less than 1 century to reduce the medical profession to uselessness.

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