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May 27 2024

LGBT Summer Camp for Adults

Assuming the indoctrination takes hold, after recruits have graduated from LGBTification camps for kids of the type offered by the University of Evansville and University of Wisconsin–Green Bay and in Redlands, California, they qualify for adult LGBT camps:

At a superficial glance, it appears to be an ordinary summer camp. Nestled in the idyllic hillsides of Northern California, energetic campers frolic from their rustic cabins to knot-tying workshops while the smell of flapjacks wafts through the air. But a closer inspection reveals that the knots being taught aren’t the traditional bowlines and hitches used to secure tents but the single-column ties utilized in Shibari, the Japanese art of rope play. And those pancakes browning on the outdoor griddle bear a striking resemblance to the male anatomy.

Being a self-indulgent degenerate means never having to grow up.

The brainchild of gay San Franciscans Justin Boren and Danni Pomplun, Something Queer (SQ) is an annual weekend-long summer camp experience for LGBTQ+ adults hosted at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center.

Activities include “rope play” as well as “clothesless hikes and lounging by the pool.” You might think of it as an outdoor Petri dish for horrific STDs like AIDS and Monkeypox.

In addition to radical self-expression, SQ embraces the principle of “radical inclusion,” endeavoring to create a safe space for all sexual, gender, and racial identities.

Graduates are qualified to work in the admissions department at UCLA’s medical school.

Progressives took away the Boy Scouts. Instead we get perverts cavorting naked in the woods.

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