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Nov 05 2020

Liberal Media Portrays Peaceful Protesters as Dangerous

If the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots that tore apart liberal-run cities all summer were “peaceful protests” as the media kept telling us, then actual peaceful protests must be riots. Sure enough:

With hundreds of thousands of ballots still to be counted, there is an expectation that the president will pull ahead and his supporters descended upon Arizona’s State Capitol and the Maricopa County Elections office.

No doubt they were annoyed about Fox News and then AP making the improbable call that Biden won Arizona far too early. However, they didn’t exactly look menacing:

Unsurprisingly, there was no violence, in stark contrast to BLM/Antifa protests that routinely leave neighborhoods in ruins.

Yet these decent people gathering to insist on a fair count of the votes raised the hair on the neck of liberal propagandists. This may be because they knelt in prayer rather than in obeisance to violent Marxists.

CNN’s Kyung Lah tried to characterize them as a militia ready for urban warfare.

[Lah] claimed that “this is a crowd that is armed” with “a number of people out there who have been seen with long guns, with automatic — semiautomatic rifles because this is an open-carry state, so there are a lot of security concerns plus trying to keep these people safe inside.”

Because at any moment, they might stop praying for good to prevail, storm the building, and start spilling blood — like Black Lives Matter.

As usual, MSNBC attempted to prop up the same stilted narrative, almost as if the gaslighting is coordinated. Feel the fear they stoke in this video:

Abbott and Costello produced scarier material. Yet CNN and MSNBC viewers, well trained to react as instructed, are probably quivering in the fetal position.

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2 Responses to “Liberal Media Portrays Peaceful Protesters as Dangerous”

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