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Aug 17 2023

Liberals Have Instilled Hesitation That Could Kill

The liberal establishment has created a situation in which white police officers are terrified to use force against black criminals. They know no one will have their back, and they could end up serving a long prison term for doing their job. The resulting hesitation gives the bad guys the advantage and can get officers killed. An example from Connecticut:

The Middletown Police Department said that on Saturday, August 12 at 6:33 p.m., authorities received a complaint about noise and breaking glass on a residential street.

Detective Karli Travis, who runs the Middletown Police Cadet Program and serves in the patrol division, was the first officer who responded to the call.

She approached the resident on foot and police said that she immediately noticed that the suspect, 52-year-old Winston Tate, was wielding a blunt object.

This was a hammer. She asked him nicely to put it down. Sometimes asking nicely doesn’t work. So she radioed for backup. Meanwhile, Tate charged her with the hammer, as can be seen in the hair-raising bodycam footage below.

Chief [Eric] McCallister said that the detective attempted to distance herself from her attacker and continued telling the suspect to put the hammer down.

Instead, he beat her with it. Luckily, he didn’t get in a solid blow to the skull before it dawned on the officer that it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by six. She opened fire, regrettably not killing Tate but at least forcing him to retreat.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing by the inspector general’s office.

Thankfully this didn’t happen in Minneapolis. Travis would probably be brought up on attempted murder charges and thrown into the cell next to Derek Chauvin’s.

On tips from Wiggins and Occam’s Stubble.


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