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Feb 25 2021

Life Coach Marries Herself

Holy matrimony having been desanctified at the behest of the militant LGBT contingent, the path has been cleared for people to marry anyone — even themselves. Meg Taylor Morrison expresses the narcissism, nihilism, and alienation characterizing a generation that has nothing meaningful to believe in, having been stripped of tradition:

Morrison, 35, a life and business coach from Atlanta, Georgia, explained she ‘married’ herself as a symbol of ‘self-love’ after splitting from her fiancé four months before their planned October 2020 wedding.

If you find out your life coach is married to herself, think twice before following her directions on how to run your life.

She decided to keep parts of the ceremony in place – only she said her vows in a mirror and kissed her reflection instead of wedding someone else. …

Like most brides-to-be, Meg meticulously planned her special day for months, ordering a custom-made wedding cake and choosing the perfect dress and of course. She even had a sparkling diamond ring. …

Meg revealed she hasn’t been on her honeymoon yet because of the pandemic, adding: ‘I’m hoping to take myself somewhere special after this is over.’

In case the marriage does not result in domestic bliss, she might consider collecting cats. Some find they help plug the gnawing hole.

Encouragingly, she leaves the door open to a real marriage one day. I’ll leave it for lawyers to figure out whether she would need to get a divorce first.

On a tip from ABC from the ANC.


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