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Sep 21 2020

London Council Forbids Smoking While Working From Home

Bureaucrats continue to find ways to make COVID-19 lockdowns more repressive — for the sake of our health, of course.

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council in West London has banned employees from smoking at working desks even when working online from home. …

The Hammersmith and Fulham council, run by The left-wing Labor Party, announced that “any part of a private dwelling used solely for work purposes will be required to be smoke-free.”

Similarly, online learning has effectively prohibited toy guns in the house, as a 12-year-old recently learned in Colorado Springs:

Isaiah Elliott attends Grand Mountain, a K-8 grade school in the Widefield District #3, just south of Colorado Springs.

On Thursday, Aug. 27, the seventh grader was attending on online art class when a teacher saw Isaiah flash a toy gun across his computer screen. The toy in question is a neon green and black handgun with an orange tip with the words “Zombie Hunter” printed on the side.

The teacher notified the school principal who suspended Isaiah for five days and called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check on the boy without calling his parents first.

It remains to be seen whether the Hammersmith and Fulham Council will dispatch police if a Zoom meeting reveals that someone has been smoking in their own home.

Private homes are becoming public areas, to be monitored and regulated as such, just as dystopian novels about totalitarianism like We and 1984 predicted.

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