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Aug 21 2023

London Denounces White Families

The eradication of Europe is taking place at blitzkrieg pace. Already the capital of England is no longer a European city. Its Islamic mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed this by publishing a guide with a picture of a white family and the caption, “Doesn’t represent real Londoners.”

Via Daily Mail:

The Labour London Mayor faced calls to apologise after the extraordinary message appeared in an official guide on how to portray the ‘brand’ of the Mayor and the Greater London Authority.

This was despite the fact that the guide opened with the words: ‘A City For All Londoners’ and a promise to appeal to ‘everyone no matter, their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or family make up’.

The leftist conception of inclusion does not include regular people.

As Breitbart notes,

It is not the first time that Mr Khan’s government has been criticised for engaging in anti-white racism, with Transport for London (TfL), which Khan serves as the chairman of, advertised a paid position earlier this year for candidates of “non-white heritage”.

Khan and his henchmen are technically correct that a European family no longer represents London. The English are already a minority in their two largest cities, as they soon will be in their country as a whole. Refer to South Africa to see where it goes from there.

On a tip from Brian Brandt.


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