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Jul 31 2023

What Progressives Are Progressing Toward

Follow the trajectory of community organizer Barack Obama’s racial grievance politics through Black Lives Matter and into the future, taking into consideration the Biden strategy of displacing the American population with millions upon millions of illegal immigrants from the Third World, who are paid by the federal government to reproduce rapidly. Here’s where it’s headed:

Julius Malema is a South African Member of Parliament and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party. The EFF has vowed to unseat Malema’s former party, the ruling African National Congress. Even if it fails, its leftward pressure pushes the ANC toward ever more alarming radicalism.

Jack Posobiec says South Africa is 30 years ahead of the USA. That might be optimistic. Major cities have already been lost.

The next step after South Africa is Zimbabwe, with 577% inflation and widespread hunger, but at least no more racist white people.

Chillingly, drawing attention to the impending catastrophe can result in cancelation. Advertisers including Google’s AdSense and Taboola permanently blacklisted this site for mentioning it.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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3 Responses to “What Progressives Are Progressing Toward”

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