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May 13 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers Honor Blasphemy

Professional sports used to be a form of entertainment. Then leftists took control. Now it is primarily a weapon to be used in the Culture War.

I watched baseball for the last time when I saw the players kneel in obeisance to Black Lives Matter terrorists who were tearing down statutes of the Founding Fathers. That spared me from having to endure more insults — like the Los Angeles Dodgers bestowing reverence upon the explicitly blasphemous LGBT militants calling themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

On Friday, June 16, the Dodgers will partner with LA Pride to host a 10th annual LGBTQ night at Dodgers Stadium before a matchup with the San Francisco Giants.

Looks like the Biden Regime and the KGB FBI aren’t the only moonbats who have it in for Catholics:

At the pre-game event, a “Community Hero Award” will be presented to the LA Chapter of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The men dress in grotesque costumes styled after the garb of Catholic nuns and mock the faith with the motto “Go forth and sin some more!”

Now there’s a motto the liberal establishment can endorse without hypocrisy.

A “charity” raffle will be held to support the LA LGBT Center, which receives most of its funding from the government. The center calls itself an “unstoppable force.”

We’ll see whether this force is unstoppable.

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