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May 04 2023

Biden Moves to Snuff Out Eternal Flame in Catholic Chapels

The Biden Regime has it in for Catholics, who continue to be targeted by the FBI. Now it has issued an ultimatum to the top-rated Catholic hospital network in Oklahoma, demanding the removal of a sanctuary candle:

Saint Francis Hospital South in Tulsa, OK, has kept the candle in question for fifteen consecutive years. The non-profit Saint Francis Health System, which runs the hospital, has kept the tradition of hospital chapels, complete with active sanctuary candles, since they were established in 1960. The network also operates the nearby St. Francis Hospital, which is the largest hospital in the state of Oklahoma.

The federal government never gives away our money for free. Every inflated penny comes with strings attached. Once people become dependent on it, the money becomes leverage to enforce tyrannical demands.

Saint Francis Hospital South, which serves much of the southeastern Tulsa area, is faced with losing accreditation to serve recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), if the Catholic organization does not comply with the administration’s demand.

Attorney Lori Windham sent a letter pleading with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to be merciful and not deny low-income patients life-saving healthcare.

Becerra is a self-described “committed Catholic.”

Yeah right. So is the radical abortion and transsexuality advocate Joe Biden. Democrats have only one religion; it is not Christianity.

The attack on First Amendment religious liberty is blatant:

“The Code of Canon Law requires that wherever the Blessed Sacrament is kept, a special lamp must shine continuously,” [Windham] writes. Therefore, if the candle is to be removed, in order to comply with Church doctrine, the Blessed Sacrament must be as well.

I thought the pretext might be global warming, but apparently Democrats are framing it as a safety hazard. If this flies, they might ban communion wafers in case someone chokes on one.

With today’s Democrats, politics is not just a matter of squabbling over policy. We are defending freedom from tyranny, good from evil.

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