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Mar 21 2022

Mainstream Conservatives Go Woke on Gay Adoption

According to the liberal establishment, countermoonbats oppose the LGBT agenda because we are filled with hate. The actual reasons are based in love, not hate.

Those who love virtue and purity oppose degeneracy and depravity. Those who love the human race want to defend the nuclear family from the Left’s campaign to destroy it, which has been explicit all the way from Karl Marx to Black Lives Matter. Those who love the Christian faith — or their own spouses — do not want to watch deviants make a blasphemous mockery of holy matrimony. Those who love children want them to have wholesome upbringings in proper families, so that they have a chance to live healthy lives.

That’s why conservatives tend not to regard homosexual liaisons as marriages, regardless of what authoritarian decrees might have come down from social engineers on the Supreme Court. They do not want to subject innocent children to grotesque parodies of families through homosexual adoption. They do not want to exclude either a father or a mother from children’s lives.

None of this applies to those willing to sacrifice core principles so as to be part of an establishment that is dominated by leftist radicals. Sadly, this includes some platforms that do good work, like Prager University and the Blaze.

From outside the corrupt establishment, Mark Dice says no thanks to any cigars passed out by Dave Rubin to celebrate his pseudofamily, now that Rubin and his gay paramour are adopting babies:

Getting carried away with the big tent strategy causes the tent to collapse altogether, after it has been infiltrated by people who do not belong inside it because they oppose the core principles that hold it up. To see this principle in action, refer to Christian denominations that liberals have subverted and eaten from within the way baby wasps eat their hosts, ensuring the collapse of these denominations into irrelevance.

Conservatives waving the white flag on gay marriage and gay adoption are effectively surrendering the entire Culture War. Is there a hill these people are willing to die on, or is their conservativism only a pose?


It was painful to see Dice and Matt Walsh at odds with each other in the video above, as both are highly esteemed countermoonbats. Fortunately, there seems to be no lasting ill will between them. Walsh addressed the issue in today’s podcast, and did not disappoint:

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