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Nov 04 2021

Makeshift Attempt to Defend Border in Texas

The federal government has been subverted by quislings who refuse to perform the one essential duty that justifies its existence: defense of the country from foreign invasion. Worse, these betrayers have gone out of their way to encourage more invaders, even conspiring to provide previously deported illegal aliens with $450,000 payments. Predictably, another massive wave of needy illegals is descending on the border. States are left to defend themselves as best they can:

Trucks arrived in the early morning hours Tuesday hauling dozens of shipping containers to the banks of the Rio Grande. Governor Greg Abbott is using the re-purposed containers to serve as a makeshift border barrier in preparation for the latest migrant caravan.

We have the most expensive military in human history, yet we are reduced to hoping a row of shipping containers can defend the border from the army of unarmed illiterates that is conquering our country. Through the Democrat Party and its welfare state, we will be enslaved by those the shipping containers don’t stop.

We have two options: (1) remove the Biden Regime for gross dereliction of duty if not straightforward treason; or (2) acknowledge that since we have no federal government but only a mob of looters who have taken its place, the states are on their own. Option #2 has the advantage of relieving us from the obligation to pay federal taxes.

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2 Responses to “Makeshift Attempt to Defend Border in Texas”

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