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Oct 29 2021

$450,000 per Person Cash Payments to Illegal Aliens

It isn’t enough for the Regime to commit treason by lawlessly siding with foreign invaders against American citizens. They have to ram their treason down our throats as insultingly as possible as they revel in their triumph, secure in their belief that the demographic transformation of America will prevent us from doing anything about it — even if they give illegal aliens $450,000 apiece of our money.

When I first saw the headline, I thought it was a joke. It is for real; the joke is on us for allowing leftists to take power.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation…

With the help of our enemy within — i.e., Democrats — illegal aliens are suing on the grounds that being deported after invading our country in contravention of our laws caused them “lasting psychological trauma.”

The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family… Most of the families that crossed the border illegally from Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. included one parent and one child…

Some of these “families” consist of an illegal alien and someone else’s child acquired illicitly to make it easier to evade our immigration laws.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents families in one of the lawsuits, has identified about 5,500 children separated at the border over the course of the Trump administration…

Printing up enough money to make all of them rich will jack inflation even higher into the stratosphere.

The total potential payout could be $1 billion or more.

When it comes to the money wasted by Democrats, $1 billion is a rounding error. However, every payment leads to more and larger payments.

Further caravans of illegals are already descending upon the border. Biden’s largesse with our money will make them swell still larger. The Third World has an infinite capacity to generate hungry mouths to feed.

The objective is for Americans to become outnumbered in our own country so that Marxism can be imposed. At that point, America will have been absorbed into the Third World, securing absolute power for the Democratic Party.

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