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Jul 28 2021

Mandatory Vaccination for VA Employees

Working for the federal government must be great. Pay is high, benefits are bountiful, there are more paid holidays than you can shake a stick at, and many positions require little if any constructive work. One small drawback — employees may be forced to take an experimental vaccine:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough on Monday made COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all VA health care personnel, the first such mandate by a federal agency.

Other agencies will follow.

Affected VA employees have 8 weeks to get fully vaxxed. Those who disobey because they already have immunity, because they don’t trust experimental vaccines, or on general principles stand to be among the few federal employees who get fired.

McDonough says he doesn’t know whether any veterans have ever gotten Covid from VA employees at healthcare centers, confirming that this has nothing to do with health.

Further confirmation comes from the CDC calling for even the vaccinated to wear masks, even as the virus subsides. If the vaccines work, this makes no sense from a health perspective. Neither does forcing little kids to wear masks, considering that are less threatened by Covid than by the flu.

The masks are off, where Democrats are concerned. Power is an end itself for them — the only ultimate end. Their objective is the thrill of forcing their subjects to obey their arbitrary whims.

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