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Oct 16 2020

Mass Exodus From Seattle Police Department

As John Lennon might sing, “Imagine there’s no police/It’s easy if you try.” Even easier if you live in Seattle:

Fox News confirms:

At least 118 officers have separated from the Seattle police department this year…

“Your 911 call for help will go unanswered for a significant amount of time,” Seattle Police Officer Guild President Mike Solan told the Jason Rantz Show on Seattle’s KTTH. …

The 39 separations occurred in September after the Seattle City Council made good on its promise to approve sweeping proposals that would slash the police department budget by $4 million and cut as many as 100 officers from the force.

Make life hell for police long enough and eventually you will have no police. Then the whole city will be the CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone, ruled over by warlords like Raz Simone. Street-level moonbats would regard that as utopia.

As for the ruling-level moonbats who script the narrative and fund the riots, this process is just a means to an end. You can’t have a police state without police. It’s local police that are problematic, because they are part of their community. They might balk at confiscating your firearms or forcing you to get on the train. The idea is to replace them with federal police.

Imagine James Comey and Peter Strzok in charge of every police department, staffing it with soldiers from some different part of the country — or better still, some different part of the world. That’s the goal of the War on Police.

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