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Apr 16 2021

Maxine Waters Explains Democrat Covid Policy

Genuine Americans still have some representation in Washington. Yesterday, Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked technocratic overlord Anthony Fauci to give us some clue when Big Government might stop using the ChiCom virus as a pretext to keep its boot on our neck. Surely there must be some benchmark that we can go back to our lives after reaching.

Fauci became ruffled and was unable to articulate a coherent response. So the powerful Maxine Waters, Chaircorruptocrat of the House Financial Services Committee, stepped in to rescue him with this eloquent explanation of Democrat Covid policy:

“Shut your mouth!”

Watch the video to see what the American people are now ruled by:

Presiding over the event was the still more powerful Majority Whip James Clyburn, the kingmaker said to be responsible for choosing Joe Biden as the figurehead for the radicalized Democrat Party. That’s him raving bizarrely that restrictions will be lifted on the public “when 90% of the members of Congress get vaccinated.”

On a tip from Varla.


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