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Mar 08 2023

Menstrual Products for Men

The advertising industry is among the many pillars of the establishment that leftists have subverted. Consequently, ads often serve primarily to sell not the product or service ostensibly being advertised, but leftism. A current ad for menstrual pads pushes this to the point of absurdity by featuring what appears to be a man:

The Blaze reports:

A 15-second promotion for Always Infinity Pads with Flexfoam features either a man or a transgender man [i.e., a woman posing as a man who may have had her breasts surgically removed] in its commercial in support of “all bodies.”

“No two bodies are the same. Some pads never got that message,” the commercial begins, before promoting that the product “fits all bodies.”

The actual message is that men can menstruate. Whether the skinny black character really is a man does not matter according to liberal dogma, which holds that you are whichever sex you present yourself as.

Before long, the Democratic Party will pass federal legislation either banning menstruation or making it mandatory for everyone. For now, we can thank corporate moonbats for upholding gender equality.

Always is a brand of Procter & Gamble, which is always at the vanguard of obnoxious wokeism, and which has already endeavored to divorce menstruation from womanhood.

The point is not so much to sell menstruation pads as to normalize moonbattery and ram it down your throat. Yet not even Procter & Gamble is woke enough for some:

A Twitter user took a different perspective, however, criticizing the ad because the company hasn’t “gotten the f***ing message that not everyone who menstruates is a woman.”

Actually, yes, 2 + 2 = 4 and everyone who menstruates is a woman, regardless of whether such facts contradict liberal ideology.

Nonetheless, Always is not the only menstrual product to target men:

A different company called L, which specializes in organic tampons, is currently running an ad campaign featuring a male content creator named Jeffrey Marsh.

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