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Oct 28 2020

Procter & Gamble Divorces Menstruation From Womanhood

Unlike their opposition, progressives believe in science; or at least, that’s what they shriek at us in a tone of scornful sanctimony. Meanwhile, Procter & Gamble — arguably the most ostentatiously liberal corporation out there, despite heavy competition — presents us with this:

Compared to the campaign to convince us that there is no physical difference between men and women, spinning devastating riots as “peaceful protests” is bush league gaslighting.

The reaction has not been entirely positive:

“This ad is misogynistic and advocates erasing women. So goodbye 4ever!!!” one critic wrote. …

“I’m genuinely interested to know who at @Tampax thought it might be a good idea to gamble your entire client base (Biological Women) against this anti-factual and anti-woman, virtue vomit,” another critic said.

Why not? P&G already drove off male customers with the infamous Gillette ad denouncing them for toxic masculinity.

Moonbats characteristically defend the scientifically insane liberal position by sniffing that they are superior believers in science:

“Lovely as always to see bigots absolutely bewildered that the world has left them behind and science didn’t permanently freeze during their 5th grade biology class in 1983,” one person wrote in defense of Tampax.

Higher taxes can avert climate doom — that’s settled science. Men and women are biologically different? That went out with Members Only jackets.

Liberalism is a war against sanity.


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