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Sep 01 2022

Michigan Secretary of State Fights to Facilitate Fraud

If you liked the 2020 election for its integrity, you will love 2022 and 2024, now that Democrats have settled on election fraud as a key component of their election strategy, and can silence anyone who complains by shrieking about “insurrection.”

Hans von Spakovsky reports that in the key swing state Michigan, the Public Interest Legal Foundation sent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson a list of all deceased registrants who were still on the voter rolls less than 2 months before the 2020 election.

Of those nearly 26,000 Michigan residents, 23,663 had been dead for at least five years, 17,479 had been dead for at least a decade and, astonishingly, 3,956 had been dead for at least two decades, yet they were still listed as registered voters in the state.

Benson refused to remove the dead voters, despite being legally obligated to do so under Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act. Her spokeswoman denounced efforts to get her to clean up the rolls as an attempt to “undermine American democracy.”

Good news:

[A] federal court has turned down Benson’s motion to throw out a lawsuit filed against her for refusing to remove almost 26,000 dead voters from Michigan voters rolls.

Progress toward free and fair elections does not come easily with Democrats in charge. The situation is similar in another key swing state:

In 2021, a similar lawsuit was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation in Pennsylvania and ultimately the commonwealth agreed to settle the case and remove the deceased registrants from its voter rolls. But as in Michigan, organizations like the legal foundation should not have to file a lawsuit to get a state to do what it should have been doing all along.

You cannot expect Democrat officials to act in good faith. “By any means necessary” is their creed. The price of liberty is not only eternal vigilance but also eternal lawsuits to get their thumb off the scale.

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