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Feb 16 2021

Millions Shiver Without Power in Preview of Green New Deal

As we saw coming, a combination of bad weather and partial reliance on green energy has put Texans in a bad place:

A frigid blast of winter weather across the U.S. plunged Texas into an unusually icy emergency Monday that knocked out power to more than 2 million people…

Temperatures nosedived into the single-digits as far south as San Antonio, and homes that had already been without electricity for hours had no certainty about when the lights and heat would come back on…

We are told by the liberal establishment — incredibly, with a straight face — that we must ever more massively subsidize wind turbines and watch the government progressively throttle more efficient means of generating energy because there is a “climate emergency,” fossil fuels having made it be too warm out.

At least Texans can console themselves that they are not the only ones to have made the mistake of letting themselves be bullied into partial reliance of wind energy, which does not work when the turbines are covered in ice:

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says Germany “should be thankful” for non-renewable energy after forced reliance on surrounding countries’ power after a cold snap froze solar panels and wind turbines.

“These monuments to green madness need to draw current from the remains of the fossil fuel power grid to stop them from getting frozen solid,” he said.

Forbes lists some of the lessons we are learning the hard way:

The massive blast of Siberia-like cold that is wreaking havoc across North America is proving that if we humans want to keep surviving frigid winters, we are going to have to keep burning natural gas — and lots of it — for decades to come.

That cold reality contradicts the “electrify everything” scenario that’s being promoted by climate change activists, politicians, and academics.

Texas relies on forests of hideous wind turbines to generate 20% of its energy. The result:

Our power here in central Austin went out at about 3 am. I am writing this under a blanket, have multiple layers of clothes on, and am nervously watching my laptop’s battery indicator.

In other words, he wrote this from our green energy future.

This blizzard proves that we have not been taking our energy security seriously enough. …

This blizzard proves that during extreme weather winter, solar panels and wind turbines are of little or no value to the electric grid.

This blizzard proves that our natural gas grid is part of our critical infrastructure and that we shut it down at our peril. The natural gas network is essential because it can deliver big surges in energy supplies during periods of peak demand. … [W]e can store vast amounts of gas and only tiny quantities of electricity.

Natural gas is cheap, clean, efficient, and abundant. But Democrats don’t like it, because it is politically unclean according to their faith. That’s why they are phasing it out in favor of having us shiver in the dark.

It’s essential to note that the blizzard and blackouts that are paralyzing the country are occurring at roughly the same time that some of America’s most famous activists and politicians are saying we should quit using all hydrocarbons and dozens of cities across the country are imposing bans on the use of natural gas.

Those who freeze to death are sacrifices on the altar of moonbat ideology. Every winter will be like this and worse if liberals are not dislodged from power.

Tucker Carlson reports on the Green New Deal arriving in Texas:

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