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Feb 15 2021

Minnesota Student Leader Falsely Accuses Police of Racism

Minneapolis has been torn to pieces by riots inspired by unsubstantiated allegations of police racism. This makes a hate hoax at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities a matter of playing with fire:

Earlier this month, a student posted on Instagram that he was stopped by campus police because he is “a brown man” and said he was afraid he “would be shot.”

The police stopped him in the street at 2 a.m. and asked him a few questions because he seemed to match the description of a robbery suspect. This left the crybully snowflake “mentally and emotionally tormented with an experience that will last a lifetime.”

He concluded his post by calling the situation the “most traumatic thing” he has “ever experienced.”

Would that everyone’s life could be so sheltered. But then, that might leave us all as soft as moonbats.

“Now, after having some time to think about this, to process, and to come to the senses that the thing/the situation that I hoped would never happen to me — happened. It was brutal,” said the student.

The allegedly brutally oppressed student, who has been identified as Nikil Badey and who holds a position in student government, tried to rally the mob to barrage school administrators with emails so as to hold the campus police “accountable” for daring to question a suspect even though he self-identifies as a Person of Color.

In response, the school’s Department of Public Safety released a dashcam video and transcript of the incident. The video shows that the officers immediately believed the student, apologized to him, and explained why he was stopped. It also appears that the officers initially thought the student was white.

You can see why leftists like Associate Attorney General designate Vanita Gupta are not so keen on bodycams. A video record makes it harder to fake oppression.

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