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Dec 27 2021

Minnesota: Whites Last in Line for Life-Saving Treatment

From the Democrat point of view, one advantage of Big Government incrementally taking control of healthcare is that it enables bureaucrats to impose equity. This puts white people last in line for life-saving treatment. For example, in progressive Minnesota,

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) says in a document titled “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic” that “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”

That means treatment can be denied on the basis of the person who needs it being white.

The state claims this policy is designed “to promote equity in access and address health disparities.”

As you might expect in a healthcare system increasingly dominated by the government, monoclonal antibodies have been rationed. In Minnesota, who gets them is determined by a point system. Being anything other than white counts for the same number of points as being 65 years or older.

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