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Jan 03 2022

Medical Apartheid in New York

Whether you call it liberalism, progressivism, cultural Marxism, or critical theory, the ideology inflicted on us through the Democratic Party calls for defining us by identity group and stratifying society in accordance with these groups. As this caste system solidifies, it will have increasingly unpleasant consequences for the Untouchables at the bottom. This is already reflected in healthcare policy, not only in Minnesota, but also in New York:

The state of New York said it will prioritize non-White people in the distribution of COVID-19 treatments in short supply.

New York’s Department of Health released a document detailing its plan to distribute the treatments, such as monoclonal antibody treatment and antiviral pills.

These treatments save lives, which means people may be sentenced to death for being white.

Anyone who objects will be denounced as a “racist.” The ideology of our ruling class is as surreal as it is evil and insane.

This brazen race-based oppression is justified by the standard duckspeak about “inequities.” Favored groups are “oppressed” in the imaginary world of liberal doctrine; this justifies the oppression of disfavored groups in the real world.

Critical race theory is in effect our state religion under Democrat rule, so no one should be surprised to hear the New York Department of Health affirm that the “prioritization guidance comes directly from the CDC.”

Covid tests are in short supply. If you want one in New York, it helps not to live among the racial group that has been designated as “racist.” The New York Post reports that Staten Island’s South Shore neighborhood has been denied testing resources because it is white and middle class. Middle class whites are to the liberal elitists in charge what Dalits are to Hindus.

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