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Apr 10 2023

Missing Persons Alert for Black Women and Children Only

As on Orwell’s animal farm, everyone is equal under moonbat rule, but some are more equal than others. Blacks are so equal that a California bill proposes an Ebony Alert system to report missing black women and children so they can be given priority over less favored identity groups:

In a release on the race-based crime bill, state senator Steven Bradford said that the bill would “address the often ignored or lack of attention given to Black children and young Black women that are missing in California.”

You know, like the White House needed to promote a Transgender Day of Visibility 4 days after the Covenant School Massacre because of the lack of visibility given to transsexuals.

The media will be encouraged to prioritize Ebony Alerts, missing women and children of other racial groups being less newsworthy.

Despite all the favoritism, blacks are systematically oppressed, according to the same people who tell us that men can be women. That is the justification for California preparing to give blacks $800 BILLION of other people’s money.

It pays to be extra equal, or as liberals put it, oppressed.

Bradford distributes privilege to his fellow oppressed persons.

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