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Jun 21 2022

Moonbat Blames Religious Right for Gas Prices

Even some leftists have figured out that Vladimir Putin is not really the cause of skyrocketing gas prices. Unfortunately, they stop short of grasping that Biden preventing the USA from producing its own energy is driving up the cost. In the video below, a liberal settles on another favorite scapegoat — the religious right.

Sorry about the language, but without resorting to obscenity, how could moonbats express themselves?

Hatred is never uglier than when the woke say the words, “religious right.” It’s almost as if they are so ashamed of themselves for embracing evil that they cannot endure the existence of those who haven’t.

If cretins like this refrained from voting, gasoline would be under $3, because Trump would still be president. She only needs to adjust her mirror to see who to blame.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.


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