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Jun 15 2022

Biden Menaces Energy Industry With “Emergency Powers”

From Day 1, Biden attacked the oil industry, shutting down pipelines and closing vast areas to drilling, thereby driving up the price of energy and consequently of everything else. Now, despite his administration just confirming that it will continue this policy in the name of the global warming hoax, he blames energy companies for what he has done to them. If they won’t magically overcome his restrictions and produce more oil, he will make like the dollar store dictator he is and inflict emergency powers:

Biden may resort to using emergency powers if American oil companies don’t increase output at their refineries, the president told oil CEOs in a series of letters Wednesday.

The Regime does not say when it will impose emergency powers, only that it will be in the “near term.” The kind of government we live under now likes to keep people guessing.

If refineries are not producing enough gasoline, it could be because Biden has severely restricted the drilling and transportation of oil. Here’s another reason:

[T]he last major refinery to be constructed in the U.S. was Marathon Oil’s facility built in Louisiana in 1977. Industry groups and experts blamed the declining capacity and lack of new refineries on environmental regulation and projected fuel demand decline in the future as governments push green energy alternatives.

Yet again we see that you cannot have both green BS and affordable energy.

Leftists take control of a wealthy country and quickly reduce it to a poor one so as to make their power permanent. If this strikes you as familiar, you may be thinking of Venezuela. It was the richest and most stable democracy in Latin America before Biden types took power. Now it is second poorest. It has the world’s largest oil reserves. But that does it no good, because the corrupt and incompetent government seized control of the oil industry, grinding production to a virtual halt. This is likely to be the consequence of Biden’s “emergency powers.”

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