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Apr 22 2024

Moonbat Cuisine at the Bug Appetit Cafe

Before imposing it by force, they attempt to make it fashionable:

Blocks away from such French Quarter fine-dining stalwarts as Antoine’s and Brennan’s, the Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans has long served up an array of alternative, insect-based treats at its “Bug Appetit” cafe overlooking the Mississippi River. “Cinnamon Bug Crunch,” chili-fried waxworms, and crispy, cajun-spiced crickets are among the menu items.

Because telling people that insects are food will only work on gullible liberals, the practice will need to be made mandatory for the rest of us, although for the time being social engineers are relying largely on stealth. It doesn’t matter how the end is achieved, so long as we eat the bugs so as to placate moonbat weather gods.

On a tip from Steve T.


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