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Jul 23 2023

NPR: It Is Racist to Know They Want Us to Eat Bugs

By now most of us know that our globalist moonbat ruling class wants to make us to eat insects in order to degrade and humiliate us — or rather, because The Climate.

While they gorge on meat, they tell us to eat larvae, mealworms, beetleburgers, and maggot butter, and to wash it down with cockroach milk.

The EU has approved sneaking powdered insects into food. Canada has built a massive cricket farm.

They tell us eating bugs will control the cost of living. Kids are taught to eat them.

British subjects pay to make African children eat bugs — and even their own children. The Dutch make their kids eat bugs too.

The only qualm liberals have about making us eat insects is that it oppresses the insects. Never mind the parasitical infections that can result.

Yet even as one repugnant coercively financed leftist propaganda platform applies pressure to make us accept eating bugs, another gaslights by sneering that this thoroughly documented agenda item is not only a conspiracy theory, but racist even to entertain. Actual headline from NPR:

This Right Wing Conspiracy Theory About Eating Bugs Is About As Racist As You Think

“Racist” in this context means verboten to discuss.

The media establishment has dug itself so far into self-parody that nothing it asserts will be taken at face value by serious people. Yet the liberals who get the slogans and talking points that serve them as thoughts from NPR are so hermetically sealed inside their smug bubble of pretentious idiocy that they cannot even hear us laughing at them.

NPR rebutted.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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