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Apr 28 2021

Moonbat Mask Morons

Forgive Joy Reid for the corrosive moonbattery that gushes out of her mouth. She doesn’t know any better. The woman is so cognitively impaired that she double-masks to go jogging in the park — and she’s vaccinated.

Good thing Joy didn’t exert herself; she might have ended up like Maggie Williams, the high school student from Bend, Oregon who collapsed in an unresponsive state at the finish line after running an 800-meter race with a mask on, definitively proving that mask mandates for athletes are insane.

Mark Dice has more on moonbat mask morons, as well as the continuing ubiquitousness of Black Lives Matter/critical race theory propaganda and the welcome collapse of the Oscars:

More mask moonbattery, via Not the Bee:

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2 Responses to “Moonbat Mask Morons”

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