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Feb 19 2021

Moonbat Medicine: Kambo

Moonbats now control the federal government. The federal government increasingly controls healthcare. We need to give some thought to what it could mean for moonbats to control healthcare. Kambo serves to illustrate:

“It’s like you’re having a fever or a major allergic reaction,” says Julia Allison, 39, now a media strategist for tech companies in San Francisco, recalling her first time taking kambo, a poisonous substance from an Amazonian frog that is trending as an alt-wellness wonder drug. “Then your face starts to blow up.”

“They call it ‘frog face’,” Allison says. “It kind of looks like a celebrity plastic surgeon went to town on your face, like Kim Kardashian in a fun-house mirror. And then, suddenly, you are unbelievably nauseous. You’re basically going from zero to the worst flu of your life within 60 seconds.”

Kambo is used by indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. That gives it cachet as a wellness drug among California moonbats.

The main symptom of kambo exposure appears to be explosive vomiting.

In taking kambo, the goal is to purge not only so-called toxins trapped in your body but also, devotees say, psychological trauma and bad juju in general.

The idea is to make yourself feel horrible so that you may, after, feel wonderful. Its proponents describe it as, essentially, a thermonuclear-scale raw celery cleanse for the body and the soul.

People used to go to church for that. The search for a suitable replacement becomes increasingly desperate.

[K]ambo is a gluelike toxic secretion released on the skin of a giant monkey frog, known by herpetologists as Phyllomedusa bicolour, when the amphibian feels threatened. …

Whether in the Amazon rainforest or a California bungalow, the application of kambo is similar: practitioners use a glowing ember to create tiny burns on the shoulder, ankle or other parts of the body. After wiping away the blisters, they apply a kambo-treated stick to the raw areas.

Within minutes, the vomiting and diarrhea begin. Even if you don’t understand that this stuff does not belong in your system, your body understands.

If only we knew better than to put moonbattery in our political system.

On a tip from Stormfax.


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