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Dec 02 2023

Moonbats Transsexualize Dinosaur

Despite having been extinct for millions of years, not even dinosaurs are beyond the reach of social engineers. A Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton has been declared to be transsexual:

The Chicago Field Museum, where the T. rex lives and tweets, justified this lunacy on the spurious grounds that it is quite difficult to determine the sex of old dinosaur specimens (it’s not even certain if such creatures had true external genitalia at all). Therefore, as curators did not know for sure whether the specimen was a boy-lizard or a girl-lizard, they made the insane leap in logic that it was actually a trans one.

The dinosaur goes by the name SUE (all cap, possibly to distinguish from the Johnny Cash song) and uses gender neutral pronouns.

After the skeleton proclaimed itself nonbinary,

SUE was being moved to another exhibition space, which online activists realised meant it would need all its labels rewritten. Queer lobbyists contacted the museum demanding the T. rex now adopt gender-neutral pronouns permanently on the grounds that “Misgendering SUE didn’t just misrepresent the dinosaur, it risked invalidating the credibility SUE’s pronouns had given to nonbinary individuals.”

Everything everywhere must primarily focus on ramming depravity down people’s throats — even paleontology, which LGBTists have taken to calling gay-leontology to emphasize their campaign to subvert the field and subordinate it to their agenda. Click through to learn more about this extension of the progressive War on History.

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