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Category: War on History

Sep 27 2020

Historic Mural at University of Rhode Island Canceled for Depicting White People

If the task is to demolish American civilization, you won’t find a better tool than political correctness. The USA was overwhelming Caucasian until very recently. That means any aspect of our heritage that predates current times can be abolished on grounds of lack of inclusion. For example, since 1954, the Memorial Union at the University of Rhode Island has featured a special mural …

When veterans returned from World War II and enrolled at URI, they and other community members raised money in memory of those who lost their lives in the war.

Money raised was for a modern student union, which gave it the name, “Memorial Union.”

For almost 70 years, a prominent feature of Memorial Union has been a mural painted by decorated veteran and member of the class of 1950 Art Sherman, depicting “servicemen returning to Kingston, a class reunion, URI commencement, a South County beach scene, and students piled into a jalopy wearing letter sweaters.”

URI had fewer than 2,000 students at the time. They were mostly white. Consequently, the figures in the mural are mostly white.

So the mural must come down.

Barks Kathy Collins, Vice President of Student Affairs:

“I have received complaints about the murals that portray a very homogeneous population predominately the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white and that does not represent who our institution is today.”

Cultural vandals screeched that “they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space” because the mural features too many white people.

To intimidate those who might resist their heritage being erased, Collins brandishes the Black Lives Matter cudgel:

“I think we have to recognize the horrible incidents and the tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and most recently Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin during this is heightened time and we as an institution have to look at the systems in place across this institution that maybe are not representing who we are today and representing the true diversity of URI today,” said Collins.

None of those people was murdered. Floyd apparently died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest. Taylor was accidently hit in the crossfire after her boyfriend initiated a gunfight with police. Blake, who was shot in self-defense as he went for a knife, isn’t even dead.

However, facts don’t matter. Those who fail to cower before the narrative are subject to cancelation, just like the mural.

Woke bullies have no mercy. They will extirpate every trace of American culture. A very different culture has already begun to take its place.

On a tip from Adam.

Sep 04 2020

Joe Biden: Black Guy Invented Light Bulb, Not Thomas Edison

As they used to joke in the Soviet Union, “The future is certain; it’s the past that keeps changing.” According to Afrocentrist ideology, blacks built the pyramids. Now that this ideology is becoming established as our new national creed, we can look forward to further historical revisions. To credit whites for their inventions would be racist, so we will pretend that blacks were the inventors. While rewarding rioters by racially pandering in Kenosha, Joe Biden demonstrates:

“Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes?” Biden said during the event at Grace Lutheran Church. “A black man invented the light bulb. not a white guy named Edison. Okay? There’s so much. Did anybody know?”

The lie could be based on a distortion of the truth:

While historians argue over whether Thomas Edison can claim sole credit for creating the incandescent light bulb, his invention took shape in 1879, he patented it in 1880 — before Lewis Latimer, a black man, came up with an improvement on the design.

Latimer, an accomplished scholar and inventor, designed a carbon light bulb filament in 1881 and patented it in 1882. According to, his iterative contribution to the technology greatly improved each bulb’s durability.

Congratulations to both Edison and Latimer on their contributions to civilization. We need to tip our hats to these people while we can, before the past has been so politicized into fiction that we have no idea who deserves credit for anything.

Caucasian accomplishments that cannot be converted into crimes (i.e., Columbus spreading Western Civilization to the New World, the Founding Fathers creating America) will be reassigned to more politically correct personages. That will make it easier to erase inconvenient historical figures.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 03 2020

Purging Washington, DC of American Heritage

It isn’t paranoia or hyperbole. Leftists are methodically erasing American civilization. The process is well underway in the nation’s capital. Cultural vandals are even going after the Washington Monument:

A committee formed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a report Tuesday recommending the removal, relocation, or contextualization of the Washington Monument and a number of federal monuments and buildings in Washington, DC.

Bowser formed the District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions, or “DC FACES” committee in July, to study assets in D.C. named after individuals to “ensure these individuals reflect contemporary DC values,” according to the report.

“Contemporary DC values” in this context is synonymous with “ultraradical Black Lives Matter dogma.”

Like most left-wing political initiatives nowadays, the purge is explicitly racist:

The committee was asked to make recommendations if a namesake is “inconsistent with DC values and in some way encouraged the oppression of African Americans and other communities of color or contributed to our long history of systemic racism.”

Historical giants slated for the memory hole include Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson in addition to George Washington, after whom the city is named.

It isn’t just monuments they are after:

The committee also recommended renaming a number of other assets, including: public schools; residential buildings and campuses; community and recreational centers; parks, fields and playgrounds; government buildings; streets, roads and bridges; landmarks, and commemorative works; and statues and memorials.

“In all instances we believe strongly that all District of Columbia owned public spaces, facilities and commemorative works should only honor those individuals who exemplified those values such as equity, opportunity and diversity that DC residents hold dear,” it said.

The Caucasians who created America were not diverse, so they will be consigned to oblivion.

This is why Bowser had BLACK LIVES MATTER painted in giant yellow letters on 16th Street leading to the White House. She shares the ideology and the objectives of the terrorists who have been tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers throughout the country.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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