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Mar 06 2021

Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie

The liberal establishment has begun to ban books by Dr Seuss. But at least it will let your kids play with the new Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie.

Gushes Mattel:

A champion of policies around civil and economic rights, her passionate advocacy was unwavering, even when faced with resistance. Earning the title “First Lady of the World” for her hard work and dedication to humanitarian efforts, Eleanor Roosevelt’s perseverance redefined the role of women in politics and public life.

We don’t need constitutional rights anymore. Now we have civil and economic rights. Civil rights are special privileges doled out to favored identity groups. Economic rights are socialism.

Yahoo growls that Barbie has not always been so politically correct:

The petite, 60-year-old doll was derided by some for decades (and still is) over her comically unrealistic proportions and details — from her tiny waist to her stiletto-ready feet — and accused, even found through studies, of doing years of damage to the collective body image of little girls everywhere. Not to mention its diversity problem.

But if Mattel is sufficiently obsequious in its attempts to redeem itself in the eyes of the woke, maybe it can escape cancelation.

Mattel has been making obvious efforts over the years to turn its Barbie brand around, introducing dolls representing a range of races, physical abilities, body sizes and careers, as well as continuing its Inspiring Women series — releasing Roosevelt, which hit shelves on Wednesday, along with its “You Can Be Anything” virtual series, starting Saturday, ahead of International Women’s Day, spotlighting current role models including Yara Shahidi and Adwoa Aboah.

Yara Shahidi and Adwoa Aboah are important because they are racially stylish. Adwoa Aboah has also helped to combat lookism by proving that you don’t have to be attractive to be a fashion model these days.

Speaking of lookism, FDR would have loved it if Eleanor had looked like this:

The real Eleanor was less of a doll:

The War on History continues. Future versions of the Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie will probably assign her to a less problematic racial group.

On a tip from Steve T.

Feb 20 2021

Democrats Already Erasing Trump From History

To get an idea of how vicious, how vindictive, how unhinged by hatred Democrats have become, consider that they are already erasing Trump from history, only a month after he left office, with the ironically named No Glory for Hate Act (HR 484).

The bill would prevent Trump from receiving honors such as burial at Arlington. That’s what the world’s worst winners see fit to spend their time on.

KABC reports:

It would also bar federal funds from going toward building a dedicated “highway, park, subway, federal building, military installation, street, or other federal property,” according to the bill, which would presumably prevent U.S. Navy ships from being named after him.

The bill would prevent any state from using federal funds to honor a twice-impeached president — namely, Trump. That the impeachments were both partisan farces and that he was acquitted both times are irrelevant.

What small people we are ruled by.

HR 484 is effectively a bill of attainder — that is, a law passed to punish someone who has not been found guilty in a trial by jury. That would make it forbidden by the Constitution. But if Biden follows through on his evident intention to pack the Supreme Court, the Constitution need not be a hindrance.

If Democrats do manage to erase Trump from history, he will have good company, considering that liberals have also begun purging our heritage of such titans as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.

Robert E. Lee was only the beginning, as Trump himself accurately predicted.

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Feb 18 2021

Museums Are Now to Destroy, Not Preserve

In the olden days, the purpose of a museum was to preserve culture, so that it can be sustained from generation to generation. In the Era of Wokeness, the purpose is to destroy culture:

Scotland’s oldest public museum has created the position of ‘Curator of Discomfort’ to take the museum out of its “institutional comfort zone” and confront historical and modern-day “white supremacy”.

On Monday, the University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum, which was founded in 1807, announced the creation of the post on social media, tapping left-wing activist Zandra Yeaman to head up the woke project.

Yeaman barks that she will be “exploring white supremacy as an economic and cultural system in which white western ideals control the power of the text, the material resources and ideas of cultural superiority.” The plan is to denigrate and undermine the culture that the museum has helped to preserve for over 2 centuries.

She says she will work to “decolonise” Scottish society. That is, she wants to purge Scotland of Scottishness.

It would be more efficient to burn down museums than to appoint vandals as curators. But progressives don’t just want to destroy Western Civilization; they want to defile it first. Culturally speaking, they are not merely murderers. They are murderers who rape, torture, and mutilate their victims.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 17 2021

Teachers Want to Cancel Shakespeare for His Whiteness

No one who represents Western Civilization is safe from progressives. These cultural vandals would cancel Beethoven for being white. Educators on the cutting edge of wokeness would cancel Shakespeare:

“This is about white supremacy and colonization,” declared the teachers who founded #DisruptTexts, a group that wants staples of Western literature removed or subjected to withering criticism.

Like everyone who lived before right now, Shakespeare had a viewpoint that needs to be erased from history because it was “problematic.” He has been found guilty of the ultimate crime, “whiteness.”

If Shakespeare must be taught, these educators say, then it should be presented with watered-down versions of the original or supplemental texts focused on equality issues.

For now, Shakespeare is still allowed, but in some classes can only be studied in the context of Marxist theory and “toxic masculinity analysis.”

The School Library Journal, which describes itself as “the premier publication for librarians and information specialists who work with children and teens,” joined the fight this year and offered young adult novels as alternatives to Shakespeare.

No doubt the young adult novels replacing Shakespeare are carefully chosen on the basis of the race, sexual identity, and left-wing political outlook of their authors. As the public is continually dumbed down, young adult novels will become suitable reading for adults, so long as people are still able to read.

At the rate moonbattery is progressing, anyone who has earned the disfavor of the social engineers today is likely to be banned completely tomorrow. In no time, merely suggesting that the last copy of Shakespeare’s work should be spared from the bonfire will get you canceled. To speak his name will be racist and therefore forbidden.

This isn’t just a matter of policy preferences. The fight against what we now call “liberalism” is a desperate struggle to keep civilization alive.

On a tip from Varla.

Feb 16 2021

Now Anne Boleyn Was Black

When utopia is achieved, Western history will have been canceled and forgotten. In the meantime, it has to be altered, to force it into at least partial compliance with woke ideology. For example, Anne Boleyn was now black:

“Queen & Slim” star Jodie Turner-Smith will star as the Tudor-era queen, Anne Boleyn, in a three-part psychological drama for ViacomCBS-backed U.K. broadcaster Channel 5.

Boleyn was the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII. Their tempestuous marriage, and her execution for treason, made her one of the most colorful figures in English history.

But she was not colorful enough for the social engineers who control what we watch on TV. So they made a minor alteration.

History buffs will note that there were approximately zero Persons of Color in England during Boleyn’s lifetime.

Black Anne Boleyn is not a minor character, but the focus of the show:

The drama will explore the final months of Boleyn’s life from her perspective, and will follow her as she struggles to survive, to secure a future for her daughter, and to challenge the powerful patriarchy closing in around her.

As you can see, the struggle against patriarchy and other forms of political incorrectness has gone on for centuries. Victory is at hand at last.

I wonder if the daughter will turn out to be Asian. You can never have enough diversity.

Because people learn history through entertainment, education having collapsed into moonbattery, it is possible that future generations will literally believe that Anne Boleyn was a black woman. Or maybe there will be some more fine-tuning, and they will be led to believe that she was a black trans-woman.

As they used to say in the Soviet Union, the future is certain, it’s the past that keeps changing.

The social engineers are also making Beethoven black. This is good news, as it might prevent his music from being canceled.

History viewed through the lens of moonbattery.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 09 2021

Late Show: Giants of US History Were “Douche Nozzles”

The leftist ruling class has no reverence for or even comprehension of what they are destroying. If the great composer Richard Wagner can be dismissed as a “buttmunch” at the University of Cambridge, why shouldn’t George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin be characterized as “douche nozzles” by the knuckle-dragging wokesters who write Stephen Colbert’s “jokes”?

Colbert crows with delight that Andrew Jackson will be replaced on the $20 bill by someone more politically correct:

“So it looks like Tubman is on her way to the 20. That’s pretty great, right?”

But John Thibodeaux, who writes for the show, is not satisfied. US currency is not good enough for Harriet Tubman if she has to share it with the malefactors who built our nation.

Barks Thibodeaux,

“She repeatedly risked her life for other people’s freedom and now we’re asking her to hang out with those douche-nozzles? She needs a squad! I’m talking Frederick Douglass on the one, Rosa Parks on the five, W.E.B Dubois on the hundo.”

W.E.B. Dubois wanted to impose the antithesis of the nation that Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, and other maligned giants of American history bequeathed to us. He was a communist.

Viewing what we are told is our culture through the lens of network television is like watching barbarians sack Rome or Byzantium. Crude, malevolent fools grunt and smash where great men once flourished.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Feb 04 2021

Wokesters Desecrate Abraham Lincoln in Boise

A story from Boise epitomizes today’s Left and its relation to American heritage:

A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, known as “Seated Lincoln,” was vandalized with paint, feces, and protest signs on Monday in Julia Davis Park. Three protest groups claimed responsibility for the act.

Among the groups claiming responsibility was “Peaceful Roots of Change.”

Members of the group described the act as a temporary political display meant to raise awareness on the first day of Black History Month.

As part of his reward for freeing the slaves, Honest Abe got a Black Lives Matter flag wrapped around his neck.

The other groups involved were Black Lives Matter Boise and Antifa Boise.

Once again, Lincoln was targeted on the pretext that he saved from the noose the vast majority but not all of the Indians involved in the Santee Sioux uprising. According to woke ideology, it is an unforgiveable sin to have punished savages for murdering whites in the 19th century.

Also, Peaceful Roots of Change spokesmoonbat Samantha Hager falsely claims that Lincoln owned slaves. Now that objective truth has been subordinated to liberal ideology, history is whatever leftists imagine would justify their behavior.

Hager barks that the Constitution of the country she is trying to destroy guarantees the right to vandalize statues. She says the group consulted with the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild prior to the vandalism, and smugly crows,

“We have wonderful lawyers on our side that are at our beck and call.”

How wonderful these lawyers are is a matter of opinion.

People still move to Idaho in hopes of escaping liberalism and its predictable consequences. But it is no longer far enough. Nowhere on earth is far enough. If we don’t fight leftists where we stand, they win. America will continue to be defiled, then erased.

Applied liberal ideology.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Feb 04 2021

University of Leicester Phases Out English Literature

When liberals bark that they want to “decolonize,” what they mean is that they want to abolish Western Civilization. If that sounds like hyperbole, consider why the University of Leicester is dropping its English language and medieval literature modules.

The BBC reports on the unfolding consequences of its ideology:

If adopted, the changes would also mean the university discontinuing BA English with English language, and MA English Language and Linguistics.

The university said it would instead offer “a range of modules which are excitingly innovative”, such as modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality and diversity.

The university said the changes would provide a “decolonised curriculum”.

It turns out England is located in Europe. Despite the recent onslaught of welfare colonization from the Third World, virtually all English authors have been white. Being white is offensive per woke dogma, so out goes English literature.

Goodbye Chaucer and Milton. Shakespeare will soon follow. But at least we still have Toni Morrison.

The university triumphantly crows that last year’s undergrads were 56% BAME (black and minority ethnic). Confirmation accrues that this is not a matter of England passing on its culture to people who came from different parts of the world to be English. It is a matter of England being erased, and its land populated with different people with a different culture, all things English becoming forgotten, because English people are white and therefore incorrect.

“There will always be an England,” they used to sing. Then came moonbattery.

Note the progression. Recently, “decolonization” meant discarding the beneficial influence of European culture in colonial lands like South Africa. Already it means erasing English culture in England. Progressives employ a head-in-the-tent strategy on everything, though they progress much more aggressively now that total control is nearly in their grasp.

There is still resistance:

Among those opposed to the changes is Professor Isobel Armstrong, a fellow of the British Academy, who has returned her honorary doctorate from the university in protest.

The Leicester branch of the University and College Union (UCU) said Prof Armstrong made her decision “in protest at the egregious attack on the integrity of English at Leicester and the attempt to eradicate 1,000+ years of language and literature from the curriculum”.

“Eradicate.” Professor Armstrong chooses her words well.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 25 2021

No Past, No Future

As Douglas Murray explains, liberals’ escalating War on History is “not merely foolish and unfair; it’s dangerous”:

The horrifying spectacle of Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters tearing down statues of historical giants with the tacit approval of the liberal establishment is another appalling consequence of letting leftists take control of education. Under domination by progressives, education no longer imparts knowledge; it deliberately obliterates knowledge. Because Ignorance Is Strength.

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Dec 30 2020

Cancelation of Abraham Lincoln Escalates

No one who lived in the past can conform to au courant leftist ideology with sufficient wokeness to escape cancelation — not even the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, under whose presidency America expended 620,000 lives to free blacks. His erasure continues.

In Boston:

Workers removed the Emancipation Memorial, also known as the Emancipation Group and the Freedman’s Memorial, early Tuesday from a park just off Boston Common, where it had stood since 1879.

It takes a long time for a country to accrue a history, but not that long to erase it so that a contrived history can be presented in its place.

City officials had agreed in late June to take down the memorial after complaints and a bitter debate over the design. Mayor Marty Walsh acknowledged at the time that the statue made residents and visitors alike “uncomfortable.”

Having their history erased makes patriotic Americans uncomfortable. But patriotic Americans are not woke; therefore, their discomfort is a good thing.

It was created to celebrate the freeing of slaves in America and was based on Archer Alexander, a Black man who escaped slavery, helped the Union Army and was the last man recaptured under the Fugitive Slave Act.

But while some saw the shirtless man rising to his feet while shaking off the broken shackles on his wrists, others perceived him as kneeling before Lincoln, his White emancipator.

Casting whites in a positive light is forbidden in the context of race relations.

The Boston statue is a copy of an original in Washington that was paid for by freed black slaves. These donors were unwoke, so the monument they wanted to leave behind warrants erasure, just like Honest Abe. The National Guard was deployed to defend the original from leftist vandals, but it is living on borrowed time.

In San Francisco:

Lincoln personally saved 265 of 303 marauding Indians who had been sentenced to death after the Santee Sioux uprising. The innocent whites killed in this spasm of savagery are forgotten. The 38 maniacs Lincoln did not save constitute the main evidence that he deserves to be forgotten too.

Everyone knew this would not stop with the cancelation of Robert E. Lee. America’s entire heritage has been targeted for cancelation. In its place we will get a new heritage, fabricated to recast the greatest nation in history as an abomination.

Only one side can survive this conflict. Either wokeness or America will be eradicated.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 23 2020

Portraits of White Judges Deemed Systemic Racism

Evidence of systemic racism in the legal system has finally been uncovered. It turned up in Falls Church, Virginia:

A Black defendant’s right to a fair trial would be harmed if the jury heard the case in a courtroom lined with portraits of white jurists, a northern Virginia judge has ruled.

The upcoming trial of Terrance Shipp on charges of eluding police will be held in a courtroom that has no portraits on the wall, said Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Bernhard.

Due to coronavirus, Shipp’s trial was originally moved to a larger courtroom, which is racially unjust because the walls there featured portraits of retired judges, most of whom are inexcusably Caucasian.

Bernhard, who was born in El Salvador, ruled that the portraits are unacceptable because they “may serve as unintended but implicit symbols that suggest the courtroom may be a place historically administered by whites for whites.”

We’ll see if any lawyers are able to get convictions overturned on the grounds that there were pictures of white people on the walls at the trial.

We have to choose: we can have justice, or we can have “racial justice”; we can’t have both. Liberals choose racial justice by allowing moonbats to infest courtrooms. The portrait business is unlikely to be Bernhard’s only racially deranged ruling.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 22 2020

Robert E. Lee Replaced by Obscure Schoolgirl

As the social engineers erase our heritage and replace it with their Cultural Marxist narrative, the giants of American history will be replaced by relatively insignificant people we never heard of before.

Regardless of what you think of the Confederacy, no reasonable person can deny that Robert E. Lee was a great and noble man and a key historical figure. He is being erased because of his association with the South. If you recognize the name of his replacement at the US Capitol, you should be on Jeopardy.

Via NBC News:

A statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee has been removed from the United States Capitol, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Monday.

Atta boy, Northam. You’ll make up for that blackface/KKK photo yet.

For 111 years, the statue stood alongside that of the nation’s first president, George Washington, as the state of Virginia’s contribution to the National Statuary Hall. Each state is allowed two statues in the collection.

Virginia plans to replace the statue of Lee with one of civil rights icon Barbara Johns.

Barbara Johns is said to have led a student strike at Robert Russa Moton High School in Farmville, Virginia in 1951. That gives her more cultural significance than Robert E. Lee, according to those rewriting our history.

I wonder who will replace the statues Black Lives Matter rioters have been tearing down of Lee’s fellow Virginians George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Greta Thunberg might be a candidate, if only she were a Schoolgirl of Color.

On a tip from Bluto.

Dec 19 2020

Will Woke Mob Erase Abraham Lincoln From Currency?

The Babylon Bee started out as satire. It has become an oracle, predicting what moonbats will soon inflict on us. Are you wondering what’s next for Abraham Lincoln, after his name is removed from a high school due to his insufficient political correctness? Ask the Babylon Bee:

Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary-designee Janet Yellen has announced plans to remove Abraham Lincoln from the penny and replace the racist, anti-BLM president with the Black Lives Matter fist.

If Abraham Lincoln was racist, then the black supremacists of Black Lives Matter must not be racist.

Lincoln won’t be missed on the penny, which inflation has rendered worthless anyway, but Yellen also intends to cancel Honest Abe from the $5 bill (fortunately only according to the Babylon Bee).

Why not? Liberals have already misguidedly lobbied to cancel Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill for his long-ago thought infractions against the intellectual orthodoxy of today’s ruling class and so that he can be replaced by someone more racially correct.

On tips from Lyle and Mr. Freemarket.

Dec 18 2020

MLB Retroactively Incorporates Negro Leagues

As the joke goes, under leftists, the future is certain; it’s the past that keeps changing. Consider the way Ingsoc apparatchiks like Winston Smith have to continually revise history to show that Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia and at war with Eurasia or vice versa in 1984. Consider the way MLB is fundamentally transforming its own statistical records:

Major League Baseball (MLB) is elevating the Negro Leagues of 1920 through 1948 to “Major League” status, MLB said on Wednesday, calling the move a correction of “a longtime oversight.”

That means that records and statistics from the Negro Leagues will be incorporated into MLB history.

MLB said it was working with the Elias Sports Bureau to review the move’s “ramifications on statistics and records.”

These ramifications should be obvious. Given that these were different leagues played among smaller groups of people and no doubt had different standards regarding record keeping, this move puts an asterisk next to everything in the record books. Hitting x number of home runs in AAA or Nippon Professional Baseball is not the same as hitting them off major league pitching. Same applies here.

The wokesters running MLB are essentially erasing baseball history by reducing it to a meaningless mess on behalf of political correctness.

Some leftists regard children as oppressed, their parents being the main oppressors:

Maybe MLB should correct another longtime oversight by retroactively incorporating Little League stats into the Major League records.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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