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Dec 31 2019

Purging Washington and Lee from Washington and Lee University

The leftist War on History rages on, even at Washington and Lee University — which is named after two titans of American history.

Via the College Fix:

Some students at Washington and Lee University School of Law want the option of receiving a diploma that does not bear the image of President George Washington or General Robert E. Lee — the institution’s two namesakes.

The militant moonbats, who apparently include both students and faculty, have launched a petition.

“The goal of establishing this option is to create a diploma that alumni are proud to prominently display in their homes and places of work,” the petition states.

The great men of American history must be erased because liberals are ashamed of them. Washington was an early benefactor and Lee was a president of the university who left a profound mark on it. However, they have been designated as thought criminals, so all their deeds are tainted and must be forgotten.

With astonishing hypocrisy, the petition demands that Washington and Lee be excluded from the university named after them for the sake of “inclusion.” The petition shrieks that some might find a portrait of the Father of Our Country “controversial or offensive.”

Lee is buried in the middle of the campus. No doubt his bones will be dug up and discarded, probably soon after the university changes its name to something more “inclusive.”

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dec 30 2019

War on History Advances on Dixie Highway

Liberals seized on the Charleston church shooting in 2015 as a pretext to launch a war of eradication against the South as a historical, cultural, and political entity (e.g., here, here, and here). This campaign will not be finished so long as any acknowledgment of the South survives. The Dixie Highway could be next on the hit list:

The name Dixie harkens back to an era that glorified slavery and white supremacy, says 22-year-old Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana. Her fellow city commissioners agree, approving a resolution in early December urging Broward commissioners to take up the cause [of renaming Dixie Highway].

Broward Mayor Dale Holness says it’s an idea worth exploring

Javellana pitched the idea after learning of an effort by Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss to rename Dixie Highway for Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave who helped lead others to freedom before the Civil War.

The change is already underway elsewhere:

In Riviera Beach, a portion of Dixie Highway is now known as President Barack Obama Highway, Javellana noted.

Sabrina isn’t the first in Florida to take up the cause:

In 2017, State Rep. Shevrin Jones, D-Hollywood, urged that cities throughout Florida rename their stretches of Dixie Highway.

“The name has divided our country,” he said at the time. “There should be no recognition of it. It does not represent who we are…”

“Who we are” — a well-worn phrase in leftist demagoguery — is to be determined by liberal apparatchiks. Anything that does not comply with their conception of “who we are” will be erased.

Already Dixie Peak in Phoenix has been renamed “Two Bit Peak.” Its name did not reflect who we are. The mountain is near better-known Squaw Peak, which is now officially named “Piestewa Peak,” because the word “squaw” is a thought crime, like the word “Dixie.”

They will come after Dixie beer any day now. After that has been renamed Malcolm X beer, they will discover that the nation’s capital is named after a Southern slaveowner and demand that it be renamed Sharpton, DC.

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Dec 15 2019

Model T Denounced

The Model T is arguably the greatest car in automotive history, because it allowed regular people to drive, vastly increasing our freedom and productivity. For that reason, includes the Model T in a clickbait slideshow of the Worst Cars of All Time: The Bottom of the Barrel of Automotive Failure, proving that there is no escape from liberal spin anywhere.

Denouncing the Model T for its very strengths is classic moonbattery:

The first successful production car changed how people travel and led to nearly everyone owning or using a car on a daily basis. Because of this, pollution has drastically increased, car prices are high, and mass transit systems are suffering.

Car prices are high because the Model T brought car prices low. Go figure.

If it wasn’t for the Model T, people would rely on less polluting methods of travel like trains, buses, or trolleys.

Where the trains, buses, and trolleys don’t go, we would rely on walking long distances and riding bicycles in the rain as they do in leftist utopias like Cuba, to the delight of progressives.

Fumes the author:

All of the problems that we have seen from cars starts [sic] with the Ford Model T.

That is to say, all the blessings we have seen from cars start with the Model T.

Hats off to the great Henry Ford. Unfortunately, if liberals continue to write history, he will be remembered as a villain, precisely because of the great benefit he bestowed on us.

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Dec 10 2019

Dem Congressman: Impeachment Is About Slavery

Slavery was prevalent throughout the world from before recorded history until Caucasians all but abolished it over the past few centuries. Yet thanks to historical ignorance, Culture Marxists not only fail to give whites credit for ending it (despite the 620,000 lost in the Civil War), they have even managed to create a general belief that whites are to blame for it. Consequently, slavery serves as an all-purpose cudgel to club people into compliance with the progressive agenda.

Someone who enjoys wielding this cudgel is Cro-Magnon congresscritter Al Green, best known as one of the fanatical advocates of impeachment who have been driving the Democrat Party off a cliff. Green has been introducing impeachment resolutions since a few months after Trump was elected, admits that the purpose is to prevent his reelection, and plans to impeachment him again after the current effort fails to remove him from office. Now he says that Trump must be impeached because slavery.

Asked about impeachment articles, Green quacked this on MSNBC:

“I believe that the American people understand that this is something that we must do at this point. I don’t speak for all of the American people. About a majority seem to think so. And I think that we’re moving forward in a very cautious and prudent way, which is what is expected. But I also think that if we don’t include some of the things that are important to people of color, then I think that our business won’t be finished. I do believe, ma’am, that we have to deal with the original sin. We have to deal with slavery. Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion.”

You thought slavery ended in this country going on 2 centuries ago? Wrong, says a representative of the party that fought to preserve it. Slavery won’t be gone until elections are reduced to farces and Democrats win all of them. Even then it won’t be gone, so long as goons like Green can pick up the word and bash people on the head with it.

Green also managed to drag in the LGBTQ community, antisemitism, racism, Islamophobia, transphobia, and misogyny, to use his very words, providing a textbook example of what George Orwell called “duckspeak.”

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Nov 14 2019

Disney Puts Warning Labels on Classic Films

In the olden days, entertainment sometimes featured parental warnings to flag obscenity or other content unsuitable for innocent children. That’s not how things work as liberal utopia begins to unfold. Now it is from political incorrectness that children must be protected.

From CNET:

Disney has added disclaimers to movies such as Dumbo, The Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp warning of “outdated cultural depictions.”

Worse than the PC warnings is actually retroactively altering classic films so that they conform to this week’s prevailing ideology.

It was reported by some outlets that the studio would cut some controversial scenes, such as one from Dumbo featuring a crow named Jim Crow, but other outlets have said the scene hasn’t been removed. Disney also “reinvented” the The Siamese Cat Song from the original Lady and the Tramp for the company’s live-action remake.

Song of the South is missing altogether from DisneyPlus, as it has been deemed insufficiently reverent toward persons of politically preferred pigmentation. Anything that references the South as a social/political/historical entity is a thought crime suitable for the memory hole, as we have learned repeatedly during the war on statues and on the Rebel Flag.

Given their rigid ideological intolerance and their incremental approach, it is only a matter of time before the progressives who control entertainment deform or erase all culture produced by the past. “History starts with us,” according to radical leftists from the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution to the woke degenerates currently taking axes to America’s culture and heritage.

Nov 12 2019

Liberals Glorify Savage Aztecs

Is there a limit to how much evil barbarity the liberal establishment will embrace to advance its jihad against Western Civilization? There is not. Propagandists are even rehabilitating possibly the most demonic regime ever to exist. It was imposed on Mexico by the Aztecs until Hernán Cortés brought civilization from afar, putting an end to the pointless, industrial-scale butchery that had caused natives of the region to subsist in terror.

NPR uses its taxpayer subsidy to attack the West by promoting the malicious excretions of revisionist historian Matthew Restall:

In When Montezuma Met Cortés, Restall … says Cortés was a “mediocrity” with little personal impact on the unfolding of events and refocuses on complex territorial battles between the Aztecs and their rivals.

Stop right there. Hernán Cortés conquered an entire empire with nothing but 500 tired troops, his wits, and sheer nerve, thereby putting an end to genocide. Of all the obscene lies that are passed off as history by progressives, calling Cortés a “mediocrity” is among the most outlandish. If you want to find mediocrity, look among the murine apparatchiks comprising the liberal establishment in places like academia and NPR.

For history more awe-inspiring than any fiction, read about the exploits of Cortés in History of the Conquest of Mexico by W.H. Prescott. Yes, Cortés played the natives off against each other. That’s what I mean by using his wits. It doesn’t change the fact that he conquered Mexico against astronomical odds. He belongs in a class with Alexander the Great.

Getting back to NPR’s corrosive moonbattery,

Spanish testimony portrayed the Aztecs and other Indigenous groups in the Americas as uncivilized, savage barbarians. But continued excavation of the Great Temple and Tenochtitlán has helped change that perception.

The Aztecs enslaved people from hundreds of miles around and dragged them into Tenochtitlán to have their still-beating hearts publicly ripped out of their chests by the thousands per year to appease evil gods. They indulged in ritual cannibalism. They had not mastered the concept of the wheel. But it would politically incorrect to call these uncivilized, savage barbarians “uncivilized, savage barbarians.”

“Tenochtitlán was a huge city,” says [archaeologist Raúl Barrera Rodríguez]. “It had public institutions, a whole system of government, public servants, schools, public services — it was a totally organized city.”

If only NPR’s liberal readers could learn from this that bureaucracies do not make you civilized.

Hold on — here’s where cultural relativism lurches into the realm of nightmare:

In 2017, Barrera’s team uncovered the Huey Tzompantli, a tower of human skulls that was a monument to the Aztecs’ highest deity, Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and the sun. The conquistadors described a terrifying satanic sight. It was precisely the opposite for Aztecs.

“It is important to understand the worldview of the Aztecs,” says Barrera. “The tzompantli was about giving life.”

Towers of human skulls, amassed by murdering innocent victims, are all about giving life. It just depends on your point of view — and if you take the point of view of Western Civilization, you are a bad person, who wears xenophobic blinders and cares not for the plight of the oppressed.

This provides an idea of what NPR et al find preferable to Western Civilization:

Before sacrifices could be offered to Tlaloc, the ground had to be wetted with human tears, usually the tears of children, whose fingernails would be pulled off by Aztec priests to make them cry before they were slaughtered.

The idol of Huitzilopochtli … was made from amaranth seeds and held together with honey and human blood…

The idol was built every year and decorated with rich garments and a golden mask during the festival of Panquetzaliztli, which was held on the winter solstice in honor of the birth of Huitzilopochtli. At the end of the festival, the idol was broken apart and eaten, and sacrificial victims, covered in blue body paint and arrayed in the costume of the god, had their hearts cut out.

The Aztecs weren’t the only pre-Columbian barbarians to behave like this. As noted earlier, savages ritually murdered children in massive numbers in faraway Peru so as to improve the weather. Let’s hope this does not shed any light on what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Green New Deal meant by using “indigenous wisdom” to prevent the climate from fluctuating.

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Nov 07 2019

MLK Boulevard Changed Back to the Paseo in Kansas City

Progressives’ ham-fisted replacement of American culture with a woke culture more to their liking does not stop with the War on Statues. The names for mountains, streets, et cetera maintain our traditions and our identity. That’s why Obama unilaterally renamed Mount McKinley “Denali” and beloved Squaw Peak in Phoenix is now officially known as “Piestewa Peak.” Similarly, politically correct bureaucrats renamed the Paseo in Kansas City “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.” This time, people pushed back, and the pushback worked.

Via the Kansas City Star:

After a nine-month existence as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, an iconic 10-mile thoroughfare on Kansas City’s East Side will once again be known as The Paseo, Kansas City voters decided by an overwhelming margin Tuesday.

Save The Paseo, the grassroots group that pushed for restoration of the boulevard’s original name, cruised to victory.

Preliminary results showed about 70% in favor or reclaiming the street’s proper name.

The Paseo is named after Paseo De La Reforma in Mexico City. However, that did not lend it enough Third World cachet to satisfy City Council, which blew off a rule requiring that 75% of residents approve before temporarily dumping the traditional name. Black ministers had earlier tried to change the name through ballot initiative.

The outcome was a stunning rebuke of the City Council’s January decision to rename The Paseo to honor King, the late civil rights leader. Now, Kansas City is expected to take down well over 100 signs along the road, which cuts through the heart of the predominantly black East Side.

Once again, taxpayers suffer for the foolish posturing of bureauweenies. But at least Kansas City residents can celebrate reclaiming part of their tradition.

Now let’s reclaim Mt McKinley, Squaw Peak, and all the rest.

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Nov 06 2019

Learning About World War II Deemed to Be Too Stressful

Every minute of our history will go down the memory hole, even World War II. You might think it would be spared, since the conflict is remembered as pure good triumphing over pure evil, and allows partisans of the left and right alike to identify with the winning side. But it still has to be erased, as surely as Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, and the slave-owning Founding Fathers. You see, learning about WWII might be stressful:

Reality TV star Freddie Bentley, 22, told Good Morning Britain [Friday] that he thinks schools should trim back what they teach on the conflict.

Whimpers Freddie,

“I remember learning it as a child thinking ‘Oh my God it’s so intense.’”

Possibly intense enough to melt a snowflake. No one should have to suffer discomfort; that would be oppression.

He is fearful that the bloody subject may worsen any mental health issues that children already have.

True enough, mental health issues are probably the most immediate threat to today’s youth. Nazis and their allies don’t attack from overseas these days; the enemy comes from within our own heads.

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Sep 16 2019

Erasing America

James Robbins, author of Erasing America, raises the alarm on what progressives are attempting to accomplish with their unrelenting War on History. They aim to destroy the American people by obliterating our understanding of who we are and how we got here.

Progressives overwhelming determine what is taught in schools and seen on television and movie screens. It is not exaggeration to say that they pose an existential threat to American civilization.

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Aug 31 2019

PC Song “Melting Pot” by Multiracial Pop Group Banned

Not even George Orwell could have foreseen the level of totalitarian repression that political correctness has wrought in the UK. “Melting Pot,” a 1969 hit song celebrating diversity by the multiracial pop group Blue Mink, has literally been banned from the airwaves by the British government’s Office of Communications for not keeping up with the evolving conception of racism. The song is officially “racist” and “offensive”; therefore, it is forbidden.

The thought police object to the phrases “curly Latin kinkies,” “yellow Chinkies,” and “Red Indian boy.” The liberal intent of the song is irrelevant.

As political correctness evolves, it becomes easier to find thoughtcrime in everything. In time, every last statue and pop song will be purged.

The objective is the eradication of our culture, from the top to the bottom. When we have no culture, we won’t know who we are. So we will let the social engineers tell us. That’s when utopia is achieved.

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Aug 28 2019

Historic Norwich Cathedral Reduced to Amusement Park

Construction was begun on England’s Norwich Cathedral in 1096. When it was completed over 70 years later, it was the largest building in East Anglia. After standing through all these centuries, it is now undergoing a form of deconstruction. The nave currently features a “helter-skelter carnival ride.”

According to the cathedral, approximately 10,000 people visited to slide down the ride, dubbed the #SeeingItDifferently project. The Very Rev. Jane Hedges was the first to take the plunge, after which she said, “Our hope is that it will bring a very different audience into the cathedral.”

It seems there aren’t enough Christians left in England to fill the pews, so Church of England clergy thought it would be a good idea to pander to the Disneyland set.

Rt. Rev. Jonathan Meyrick, the bishop of Lynn, delivered a sermon from the ride last Sunday after sliding halfway down and singing a Bee Gees song. “God is a tourist attraction,” he expounded.

An interesting note from Wikipedia:

The cathedral spire, measuring at 315 ft (96 m), is the second-tallest in England despite being partly rebuilt after being struck by lightning in 1169, just 23 months after its completion, which led to the building being set on fire.

That lightning strike came 850 years too soon.

To kill a religion, you don’t shoot priests or throw them into gulags. Stalin already tried that. You destroy if from within by reducing it to farce.

It could always be worse, as we learn with each passing week. If the current trajectory continues, by this time next year the Church of England should be ready to broaden its appeal by using Norwich Cathedral to host Butt-Con.

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Aug 28 2019

Renoir Denounced as Problematic

The progressive bulldozer won’t spare even great painters like Renoir. The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts is featuring his nudes, placing the famous impressionist in the crosshairs of the thought police. Sniffs the insufferable New Yorker:

Who doesn’t have a problem with Pierre-Auguste Renoir?

Until recently, most everyone. But now only the unwoke don’t have a problem with Renoir.

The art historian Martha Lucy, writing in the show’s gorgeous catalogue, notes that, “in contemporary discourse,” the name Renoir has “come to stand for ‘sexist male artist.’ ” Renoir took such presumptuous, slavering joy in looking at naked women—who in his paintings were always creamy or biscuit white, often with strawberry accents, and ideally blond—that, Lucy goes on to argue, the tactility of the later nudes, with brushstrokes like roving fingers, unsettles any kind of gaze, including the male.

The “male gaze” is a topic that causes feminists and their fellow travelers to gnash their teeth angrily.

The New Yorker critic doesn’t like the girls in Renoir paintings, and not only because it is racist of them to be Caucasian.

Their faces nearly always look, not to put too fine a point on it, dumb—bearing out Renoir’s indifference to the women as individuals with inner lives. … Peculiarly, Renoir did grant the women wonderfully articulated hands, the body part hardest to render convincingly—good for doing things, perhaps around the house.

That’s because Renoir was a sexist. He was in league with the patriarchy that must be smashed.

It feels wrong to term Renoir a misogynist, though he was certainly patriarchal.

Renoir may have been even worse than a misogynist, hard as that may be to imagine:

He deemed women who performed professionally “completely ridiculous”; in a letter to a critic, he explained, “In ancient times, women sang and danced for free for the pleasures of being charming and gracious. Today, it’s all for money which takes away the charm.” The airy assumption in that may be worse than misogyny, which at least credits women with power as antagonists. It marks no mere flaw in Renoir’s personality but an essence of it that dovetails with his attitude toward painting. … An argument is often made that we shouldn’t judge the past by the values of the present, but that’s a hard sell in a case as primordial as Renoir’s.

Not just a thought criminal, but a primordial thought criminal!

Before long, Renoir will join Robert E. Lee at the bottom of the memory hole. His sexist paintings will meet the fate of those Buddhist statues blown up by the Taliban. By then, the New Yorker will have moved on to new targets to denounce for being problematic. As mentioned yesterday,

Culturally speaking, there is nothing of value that leftists will not destroy. They want to clear the ground to make room for utopia.

The intelligentsia’s job will not be finished until Western Civilization has been completely obliterated.

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Aug 27 2019

War on Statues Hits Reformation Wall

They started by demanding tolerance. It didn’t take them long to progress to last month’s vandalism of the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland.

The monument consists of statues of John Calvin, Guillaume Farel, Théodore de Bèze, and John Knox. The figures were defaced with paint in rainbow colors.


Most likely, an LGBT group had vandalized the statues because of the rainbow coloring of the paint, but no-one yet has come forth to claim responsibility for the act. This is not the first time that the monument has been defaced. For example, in March 2019, a feminist group sprayed graffiti across the monument, saying “Where are the women?”

The ferocious hostility of leftist militants is directed not only a Christianity, but at Western heritage in general. The War on Statues was hardly likely to stop at Robert E. Lee.

Culturally speaking, there is nothing of value that leftists will not destroy. They want to clear the ground to make room for utopia.

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Aug 19 2019

Works of George Orwell Get Rewritten

George Orwell was even more prescient than we realized. He may have predicted what would happen to his own books in the age of Amazon.

The world’s largest bookseller has failed to avoid selling illegitimate books. Consequently, Orwell titles can be found at bargain prices because they were produced in India (where his work is legally in the public domain, and where standards of authenticity appear to be lax), or because they are counterfeits. Some of these editions are riddled with errors, have missing sections, or worse yet have been edited to bring them in line with current sensibilities.

Even titles get messed up:

One edition of “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” referred to itself on the back cover as “Animals Farm: A Fair Story.” The preface referred to another great Orwell work, “Homage to Catalonia,” as “Homepage to Catalonia.”

“Who controls the past controls the future,” Orwell wrote. “Who controls the present controls the past.” Today’s counterfeiters may determine what in the future Orwell will have written in the past.

The implications are straight out of Orwell.

Scott Brown, a prominent California bookseller … noted that the news was now mostly digital. “Who can really say what an article really said when it was published? There’s rarely a printed — and therefore hard-to-change — version to refer back to,” he said. “The past is becoming unmoored and unreliable.”

The same may come to apply even to literary classics. Modern versions of Winston Smith may be revising 1984 as you read this.

Orwell isn’t alone. In Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451, people memorize books so that they will not be lost. Read what an Amazon reviewer has to say:

This is not the real Fahrenheit 451. The wording is different, the first chapter is not properly titled, they used the first sentence of the chapter as the title in this book. There are typo’s and spacing issues. They need to advertise that this is not an authentic book.

Sloppiness is bad enough. Revising the text to make it more politically correct is far worse. This has apparently already occurred with an unauthorized “high school edition” of Down and Out in Paris and London. An Indian version of Animal Farm included this on the copyright page:

“The author respects all individuals, organizations & communities, and there is no intention in this novel to hurt any individual, organization [or] community.”

This may have been true, but Orwell never said so — at least, not until now.

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Aug 01 2019

War on History Goes After Ronald Reagan

Any historical figure who could serve as a rallying point for resistance to the Far Left must be demonized, marginalized, and then erased. Robert E. Lee was only the beginning. In no time at all, they moved on to heroes as disparate as Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson. Already they are purging the recent past. John Wayne was targeted. Now we learn that Ronald Reagan was racist and therefore bad:

On Wednesday afternoon, CNN became the first cable news network to air former President Ronald Reagan making racist remarks — in which he called African diplomats “monkeys” — since the tape was released on Tuesday.

CNN propagandist Brooke Baldwin explicitly equated Reagan with Trump, whom the liberal media has portrayed as a racist on a daily basis since he was elected.

“On the heels of President Trump using disparaging imagery to describe African nations, new tapes have just been released by the National Archives that reveal similar language used by the late President Ronald Reagan,” Baldwin said.

Actually, Trump has not used similar language, or we would know about it. CNN would probably set up a permanent chyron.

The remark in question was from a private 1971 telephone conversation with Richard Nixon. Any number of people may have said something similar at the time. However, to say it these days would be extreme blasphemy against political correctness, since Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation are now regarded as sacred beings around whose holy oppression all reality revolves like planets around the sun. The War on History works by incongruously holding historical figures to current liberal political standards on a retroactive basis.

“To see those, those monkeys from those African countries — damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Reagan said.

That may be all it takes to destroy the greatest president to serve in our lifetimes. Instead of inspiring future generations of conservatives and patriots, Reagan will be dismissed as a racist. By now we all know that if someone says anything racist, their entire existence is totally discredited. Everything else they say or do must be wrong. To dispute this would be to risk being denounced as a racist yourself.

Either we stand up to the word “racist” or we lose Ronald Reagan.

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Jul 26 2019

Algerian Colonists Wreck Statue of Charles de Gaulle

To get an idea of how much the Islamic colonists swamping France revere French heritage, consider what they did to a statue of the iconic Charles de Gaulle to celebrate Algeria’s win in a soccer game:

Football fans in French city of Évreux expressed their joy following the victory of Algeria’s team over Senegal in the final of the African Cup of Nations entirely too passionately, as they tore a new statue of General Charles de Gaulle from its base when they flooded the city centre to celebrate the team’s win, according to La Dépêche d’Évreux. The following day, the statue was still lying on the ground, not yet reinstalled.

Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, and George Washington are not the only great historical figures whose statues are at risk.

The leader of the French Resistance and Founder of France’s Fifth Republic knew better times than these:

The middle part of the tweet above reads,

Through this heinous act, it is the very symbol of our free nation that is being targeted.

It would have been more accurate to say,

Through this heinous act, it is the very symbol of our French nation that is being targeted.

But then, when France is no longer French, it will no longer be even remotely free.

Algeria’s big win also filled the streets with celebrants in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, and Toulouse. Once Algeria was a French colony; now it’s the other way around. Since the French didn’t displace the native population, their colonization of Algeria was temporary. The Muslim colonization of France will be permanent, barring some radical reversal.

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