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Dec 02 2023

Moonbats Transsexualize Dinosaur

Despite having been extinct for millions of years, not even dinosaurs are beyond the reach of social engineers. A Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton has been declared to be transsexual:

The Chicago Field Museum, where the T. rex lives and tweets, justified this lunacy on the spurious grounds that it is quite difficult to determine the sex of old dinosaur specimens (it’s not even certain if such creatures had true external genitalia at all). Therefore, as curators did not know for sure whether the specimen was a boy-lizard or a girl-lizard, they made the insane leap in logic that it was actually a trans one.

The dinosaur goes by the name SUE (all cap, possibly to distinguish from the Johnny Cash song) and uses gender neutral pronouns.

After the skeleton proclaimed itself nonbinary,

SUE was being moved to another exhibition space, which online activists realised meant it would need all its labels rewritten. Queer lobbyists contacted the museum demanding the T. rex now adopt gender-neutral pronouns permanently on the grounds that “Misgendering SUE didn’t just misrepresent the dinosaur, it risked invalidating the credibility SUE’s pronouns had given to nonbinary individuals.”

Everything everywhere must primarily focus on ramming depravity down people’s throats — even paleontology, which LGBTists have taken to calling gay-leontology to emphasize their campaign to subvert the field and subordinate it to their agenda. Click through to learn more about this extension of the progressive War on History.

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Nov 23 2023

BBC Denounces Medieval Plague as Racist

Every sector of society is now devoted to fabricating racism — even archeology, which has been enlisted to prove that the Plague discriminated against black women:

Black women of African descent were more likely to die of the medieval plague in London, academics at the Museum of London have found.

That must be why they called it the Black Death.

Data on bone and dental changes of the 145 individuals from East Smithfield emergency plague cemetery, St Mary Graces and St Mary Spital formed the basis of the study.

This primary data was then examined by applying a forensic anthropological toolkit to estimate whether the bones were likely to have come from someone with African heritage.

I could have spared the experts the trouble by reminding them that anyone buried in London in the 1300s was almost certainly not of African heritage.

Nonetheless, the study managed to reach its intended conclusion:

It found there were significantly higher proportions of people of colour and those of Black African descent in plague burials compared to non-plague burials.

We are told to believe that 18.4% of the plague burials were blacks. In 14th century England.

The research concluded that higher death rates amongst people of colour and those of black African descent was a result of the “devastating effects” of “premodern structural racism” in the medieval world.

The story is ludicrous even by BBC standards. But it must be admitted that there were black women in England long before welfare colonists started pouring in over the past few generations. Anne Boleyn was now black.

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Nov 21 2023

Museum Regenders Roman Emperor

The social engineers are coming after Roman emperors now:

The North Hertfordshire Museum has said it will be “sensitive” to the purported pronoun preferences of the third century AD ruler Elagabalus (also known as Heliogabalus).

Classical texts claim that Elagabalus asked to be called “lady” and asked to be termed wife, mistress and queen.

When a society begins to decay, degeneracy sets in among the people in charge. Rome was no exception. Tiberius was a pedophile. Caligula’s excesses are still infamous. However, in the case of Elagabalus, this may have been character assassination.

Cassius Dio, a Roman chronicler, wrote that Elagabalus was “termed wife, mistress and queen”, told one lover “Call me not Lord, for I am a Lady”, and asked for female genitalia to be fashioned for him.

However, Cassius Dio served the following emperor Severus Alexander, who took the throne after the assassination of Elagabalus.

One historian suggests that the accounts use his reputedly deviant behaviour as a justification for his assassination.

According to Cambridge classics professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill,

“The Romans didn’t have our idea of ‘trans’ as a category, but they used accusations of sexual behaviour ‘as a woman’ as one of the worst insults against men.”

As well they might. It is inherently disgusting for men to behave like women. This has been understood throughout the world and throughout history.

Nonetheless, the North Hertfordshire Museum proclaims it will now refer to Elagabalus as “she” — a politically motivated lie.

Liberal Democrat councillor and executive member for arts at the Lib Dem and Labour coalition-run North Herts Council, said: “Elagabalus most definitely preferred the she pronoun, and as such this is something we reflect when discussing her in contemporary times.”

Rome now has its first woman emperor. Congratulations to Elagabalus for breaking the glass ceiling 1,800 years after he died.

Museums are supposed to preserve our heritage. In a world run by progressives, they disfigure and destroy it.

Nothing is sacred to moonbats except moonbattery. They might find the Roman Empire guilty of toxic masculinity and cancel it altogether, so that future generations will never know it existed.

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Nov 06 2023

Muslim–Moonbat Alliance Attacks Ben Franklin

On the topic of how much the pro-Palestinian mob hates Jews, media darling Ahed Tamimi shrieks:

“What Hitler did to you is a joke [compared to what we’ll do to you], we will slaughter you, drink your blood and eat your skull.”

Jews happen to be on the front lines, but this applies to all of us who consider ourselves part of Western Civilization. We are infidels/colonizers and we must be eradicated. Here’s the alliance at work closer to home:

At least they didn’t splatter it in red paint and then smash the statue to bits, like Black Lives Matter peaceful protesters would have done. But give it time. All remnants of Ben Franklin and rest of the Founding Fathers will share the fate of the great Robert E. Lee. American heritage will be erased if unadulterated evil as represented by the alliance of Muslims and leftists prevails.

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Oct 27 2023

Leftists Ceremonially Desecrate Robert E. Lee Statue

It doesn’t suffice for the giants of American history to be erased. First, their memory needs to be desecrated:

The statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that once stood in Charlottesville, Virginia, was secretly melted down at a ceremonial event.

Everyone knew that taking down statues of this great man would not be enough, because so long as progressives encounter minimal resistance, nothing is ever enough — not even this:

The Washington Post reported that “Swords Into Plowshares,” a project led by University of Virginia religious studies professor Jalane Schmidt and Charlottesville’s Black history museum executive director Andrea Douglas, “will turn bronze ingots made from molten Lee into a new piece of public artwork to be displayed in Charlottesville. They made arrangements for Lee to be melted down while they started collecting ideas from city residents for that new sculpture.”

The great man who fought honorably for his homeland Virginia was denounced as “White supremacist toxic waste.”

Coercively funded government media tells us to approve of our history being defiled and flushed away:

NPR also covered the event and credited Swords Into Plowshares for its efforts to “create a more inclusive public art installation.”

That which you don’t defend will be taken from you. Americans have failed to defend their heritage.

Other great Virginians (e.g., George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason) will meet the same fate and for the same reason. This process is already underway.

No great American will be spared, not even Lee’s adversary Abraham Lincoln.

In compensation, future generations will be offered George Floyd to venerate and emulate.

On a tip from Varla.

Sep 28 2023

Ferdinand Magellan Up for Cancelation

Even the giants who tower tallest in human history are to be erased for spreading Western Civilization and enabling hated Caucasians to flourish throughout the globe. Our moonbat rulers want to cancel Christopher Columbus, discoverer of the New World, repurposing the holiday in his honor as Stone Age Savages I mean Indigenous Peoples Day. They are even coming after the great Ferdinand Magellan:

A group of astronomers is coalescing around an idea to rename two neighbors of the Milky Way, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. …

Magellan’s name is not fitting, astronomer Mia de los Reyes and colleagues argue. The leader of the first expedition to successfully circle the globe, Magellan enslaved and killed Indigenous people encountered on the voyage, which set out from Spain in 1519.

For the crime of living in the 16th century, Magellan will now be erased.

Heroes might inspire us to future great feats. We are supposed to slump our shoulders and shuffle our feet, not stand proud. So down the memory hole he goes.

“Because we’re naming things in the night sky, which belongs to everyone, we think that it’s important to have names that reflect all of humanity,” says de los Reyes, of Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Mia is a Filipino American Woman of Color, so we should probably name the galaxies after her.

Before they are through deleting history, the first human to exist on earth will be Harriet Tubman.

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Sep 21 2023

New York May Cancel George Washington

Everyone knew when Robert E. Lee was canceled that it was only the beginning. George Washington was also a great man and a Virginian, and also lived back when people had owned slaves throughout the world since before recorded history; therefore, in New York:

The city’s Cultural Affairs Committee has demanded the eviction of George Washington and Christopher Columbus and others from public spaces because of links to slavery, along with the establishment of a reparations task force.

Meanwhile, the city is flat broke, having flushed away $12 billion on being a sanctuary for illegal aliens at the expense of the native population. Ten thousand grasping invaders pour into the declining city every month. No worries; federal taxpayers are sure to bail it out.

The Committee plans to remove any public statue or work of art that ‘depicts a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefited economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity’.

From the liberal viewpoint, that means anyone who lived at the time of the nation’s founding.

Dozens of prominent statues across the city are at risk including those depicting Thomas Jefferson and former governor Peter Stuyvesant.

By erasing our history, they erase our identity. Then they can create a new identity as a nation of farm animals content to stay in their pens so long as they are fed free slop until it is time for a trip to the slaughterhouse.

As Todd Starnes jokes,

There are multiple statues and monuments to Washington, including Washington Square Park and the George Washington Bridge. It’s unclear whether the park and bridge will be leveled or just simply renamed.

At this point, maybe they should level the whole city and start over.

After the Father of Our Country has had his hero status revoked, he will be defiled and demonized before he is frog-marched to the memory hole and forgotten. Maybe the authorities will decide he impregnated a slave. That is a favorite liberal calumny against the author of the Declaration of Independence, whose statue leftists have already removed from City Hall.

This is cultural genocide. If we fail to defeat liberalism, Americans will soon cease to exist in any meaningful sense.

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Aug 13 2023

Liberals Cancel Robert E. Lee’s Horse

Liberals have not finished erasing Americans who fought for the South, but in their fanaticism have already begun to go after their horses:

Traveller, the horse which served Confederate General Robert E. Lee, has long been a fixture of campus culture at Washington and Lee University, as the famous steed, known for his courage and stamina, is buried on campus.

But Traveller’s Confederate connections recently led university officials to remove two markers erected in his honor, his gravestone as well as a plaque honoring the beloved companion. …

Traveller served Lee both during the Civil War and afterwards, when the ex-general became president of the then-Washington College. Lee was president from 1865 until his death in 1871. Traveller died a few months later.

Lee was a great man who defended his home, Virginia. For moonbats, that is all the more reason to erase him.

Here’s why Traveller has to go down the memory hole:

One campus tradition is to place apples and pennies beside Traveller’s gravestone.

The apples are “because horses like apples,” [Kamron] Spivey [president of Students for Historical Preservation] said, and the “pennies are sort of a shot at Lincoln and the Union, placing the coin tails-up so that Lincoln is essentially kissing the grave of a horse.”

Despite Lincoln himself having been denounced as a white supremacist and slated for cancelation (see here, here, here, and here), resistance sentiment cannot be allowed.

Leftists are devoid of tolerance and grace. Expect the name of the school to be changed before long.

Liberals’ compulsion to erase from existence anything they associate with opposition to their repugnant ideology is their most frightening characteristic.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Aug 02 2023

Historian Canceled for Not Helping to Erase History

To quote 1984 again,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

We’ve seen how it works with official government records, to erase embarrassing utterances by our rulers. Germany demonstrates how historians apply the process to bring the past into line with leftist ideology.

From Journalistenwatch, via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

[W]ell-known ancient historian Egon Flaig … was invited by the archaeologist Andreas Grüner of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen in the middle of the month to an evening lecture on the topic “Individual freedom versus political freedom. The Polis in European Republicanism”. A week earlier, however, Grüner withdrew the invitation because, as he meekly confessed, his own dean had “asked” him to do so. Behind this “request”, however, was a solid threat: Flaig is considered “controversial” in left-wing circles – because, among other things, he points to the historical fact that the slave trade was not the exclusive domain of whites, but that there were also black slave traders, and that Islam in particular also engaged in the slave trade for centuries.

Flaig was already on thin ice. Two years ago, he was apparently canceled by University of Osnabrück for having spoken against the mass migration that is being used to displace Germany out of existence.

The academic equivalents of Winston Smith have work to do. It is still widely known that Africans did the rounding up of African slaves, and that Europeans were enslaved by Muslims from ancient times until relatively recently. “To the shores of Tripoli” in the Marines’ Hymn refers to Thomas Jefferson sending in the Marines to stop Arabs from enslaving American crews. A lot of information will have to go down the memory hole before history complies with liberal ideology.

Jul 26 2023

Biden Cancer Lie Erased From White House Transcript

From George Orwell’s 1984:

“Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

In that spirit,

That’s not what he said. The official White House transcript, like Biden’s claim to have cured cancer, is a lie. For now, we still have the receipts:

Anyone wonder why trust in American institutions is evaporating? They are infested with progressives is why.

On a tip from Jester.

Jun 07 2023

Reparations Math

Now that education has succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions, the subject is never the subject; the subject is always moonbattery. This applies even to math:

High school students will learn about the causes of racial inequality and discuss reparations for slavery as part of a new “reparations math” curriculum developed by the creators of the controversial 1619 Project.

The 1619 Project has been pushed by the odious New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment. It provides a fictional alternative version of American history, in which Americans — specifically America’s core population — are the bad guys. The American Revolution was fought to secure slavery, not liberty, because the oppression of blacks is at the root of everything, in accordance with Critical Race Theory.

When they apply this theory to astronomy, as they already have to history and math, students will learn that if a piece of rock orbits some undiscovered planet on the far side of the universe, it does so not because of gravity but because privileged blacks feel themselves to be oppressed.

The 1619 Project Education Network provides a lesson summary of what teenagers are to learn under “Reparations Math and Reparations History”:

Students apply math skills, research into historical wealth gaps in the U.S., and an analysis of different reparations models to an investigation into whether or not reparations should be paid to the descendents of enslaved people in the U.S.

In other words, 2 + 2 = Cough up your money, Whitey!

This toxic ideology is imposed throughout the country:

Educational materials related to the 1619 Project have been widely taught since its release in August 2019. A report by John Murawski of RealClearInvestigations in 2020 noted the 1619 Project curriculum had been adopted in over 3,500 classrooms across all 50 states, mostly through “administrative fiat” rather than a public review process.

Black conservative Carol Swain, who used to teach law and political science at Vanderbilt, observes the obvious:

“The curriculum materials for math are clearly geared towards politicizing the youngest minds.”

Ian Rowe, another black conservative, notes that the curriculum “is pure indoctrination designed to perpetuate an ideology of black dependency and retribution for historical and presumed present day racial victimization.”

Unfortunately, dissident voices who favor historical reality and black self-respect will be denounced as Uncle Toms and drowned out by a mob of parasites shouting, “Gimme!”

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

May 16 2023

Black Cleopatra Is Total Fail

Netflix tried to change history by making Cleopatra black. Instead, it made history with the biggest TV fail yet:

Forbes magazine reports the controversial production has not just garnered the lowest audience score in Netflix history on debut, it has essentially the lowest audience score possible on Rotten Tomatoes at one percent.

Liberal viewers have rallied to pull it up to 2%.

Cleopatra was an Egyptian of Macedonian descent. But the “docudrama” Queen Cleopatra sacrifices reality to moonbattery by pretending otherwise.

Director Tina Gharavi may be a clueless fool, but hats off to her for drawing attention to the alarming fact that much of what we think we know about history comes from entertainment. In the past, it would be altered for dramatic purposes. Now it is distorted so as to advance leftist ideology. As George Orwell predicted,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

It’s nice to know that when Tinseltown gets sufficiently ham-fisted by trying to pass it off as nonfiction, there can be pushback.

Then again, maybe the show is just that awful, irrespective of the black Cleopatra nonsense:

Egypt is not amused:

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a lawsuit against streaming giant Netflix for depicting Pharoh Cleopatra as a Black woman in a new documentary.

Lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary filed the lawsuit with a public prosecutor with the intention of having Netflix banned in Egypt…

Al-Semary claimed that the Netflix documentary distorts Egypt’s history in favor of promoting Afrocentrism.

It would take a CNN level of dishonesty to dispute him.

As frequently happens, the debacle was caused by giving in to woke bullies:

The role of Cleopatra was originally meant to be played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. However, there was a significant public backlash surrounding the choice, and Netflix was accused of white-washing the historical figure.

“White-washing” is what liberals call it when a Caucasian historical figure is played by someone with pale skin. While the Biden Regime erases us from the future, others erase us from the past.

On tips from Varla, seaoh, and justlittlolme.

Apr 23 2023

Cleopatra Gets a Race Change

Not many people read history books. Most of what they think they know about history they half-consciously absorbed from movies. This allows the leftists comprising the entertainment industry to erase the past and replace it with a narrative that supports woke ideology. They have become so ham-fisted about this that Cleopatra was now a Negress:

Tina Gharavi, director of the Netflix film “Queen Cleopatra,” spoke out about the wave of backlash she experienced for casting Adele James, a black actress, in the leading role.

If Anne Boleyn can be black, why not Cleopatra?

Barks Gharavi:

No amount of reasoning or reminders that Arab invasions had not yet happened in Cleopatra’s age seemed to stem the tide of ridiculous comments.

Arab invasions have nothing to do with it. Cleopatra was not black, and she was not an Arab either. Ethnically, she wasn’t even Egyptian.

Wait, Gharavi gets dumber:

So, was Cleopatra Black? We don’t know for sure, but we can be certain she wasn’t white like Elizabeth Taylor. We need to have a conversation with ourselves about our colorism, and the internalized white supremacy that Hollywood has indoctrinated us with.

The relentlessly leftist movie industry has indoctrinated us with white supremacy, as a filmmaker proves by making Cleopatra black so as express her disdain for Caucasians.

The capitalization — repeated throughout the piece at Variety — is not an accident. “Black” is capitalized as a show of respect. “White” is left uncapitalized as a show of disrespect.

Cleopatra’s family origins were in Macedonian Greece. She was European. Even Gharavi probably knows this and is lying to the public’s face out of sheer moonbattery.

The point is the same as when liberals pretend that blacks built the pyramids. Egyptian accomplishments are appropriated on their behalf so as to fabricate a Wakanda that would be thriving to this day if icky white people weren’t such racists. As proof, they point to a globe and shout that Egypt is in Africa, which is where blacks come from. Attempting to argue with this level of idiocy is like discussing physics with a hamster.

In the future, it will be common knowledge that Cleopatra was black — along with Mozart, Mother Teresa, and Einstein. As George Orwell foresaw, “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

At least those who are posthumously transformed into blacks won’t be erased altogether.

On a tip from Franco.

Mar 18 2023

Wales Demonstrates That Wokeism Is Cultural Genocide

It isn’t enough for woke iconoclasts to tear down the statues of great historical figures explicitly because they were white men, as planned by bureaucrats in Wales. As it is erased, Western heritage must be coercively replaced with pure moonbattery.

Wales is even forcibly conscripting private residential landlords to impose it. Elsewhere, consistent with the postmodern strategy of wielding power through language, social engineers are enacting Orwell’s 1984 by shrinking permissible vocabulary to the point of compulsory aphasia.

Political correctness is not just nauseating and oppressive. It is cultural genocide. The objective is to wipe Europeans and the civilization they created from the face of the earth. To give an inch to leftists on anything is to participate in this.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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