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Jul 08 2023

Moonbattery as a Disability

Instead of pretending that every identity group that votes for leftists is somehow oppressed so that each can be granted special privileges at everyone else’s expense, why not cut to the chase and declare moonbattery itself to be a disability? Europe shows the way:

A high-flying banker’s obsession with avoiding germs and eating organic food amounts to a disability, an employment judge has ruled.

The London executive, who worked at Swiss bank UBS, was ruled to be disabled after claiming she was discriminated against at work.

In outlining her case, the finance exec, who was described as having a ‘successful career,’ claimed anxiety and a panic disorder saw her become fixated on her health.

This saw her obsess over the negative effects of germs, chemicals, non-organic foods and take ‘extreme steps’ to avoid them. …

A judge at the London Central Employment Tribunal said this fixation should be considered a disability under the UK’s Equality Act 2020.

She’s wacky, all right — even if not any wackier than the judge.

The City banker’s fixation with health saw her drive for two hours to buy groceries from a specialist organic farm shop, Daylesford Organic Farm, in the Cotswold’s on the weekends. …

Anxieties around contaminated air saw the executive buy a £1,000 air purifier, which she dragged ‘up and down the stairs’ each day.

In short, the banking exec has been granted precious victim status for being a neurotic kook.

On this side of the Atlantic, we call neurotic kooks “Democrats.” Why not declare all of them disabled and then abolish all other identity group privileges?

This would prevent conflicts in the Oppression Olympics, whereby groups that should be allied against regular Americans in accordance with the principles of cultural Marxism instead fight each other over who is more pathetic and therefore more deserving of favoritism.

Better still, it would prevent the bestowal of privilege upon the undeserving. If we are to judge by skin tone, Clarence Thomas is blacker than Barack Obama, but who would want the former to lay claim to the same special treatment when he openly flouts the ideology that has been assigned to his race?

By establishing moonbattery as the one and only disability, we can ensure that only the deserving receive privilege. This general principle has already been applied to our legal system, creating the two-tiered justice system that allows the Biden crime family to rake in $millions through influence peddling without consequence, whereas Donald Trump is repeatedly indicted for nothing much in particular.

There is of course a downside. If moonbattery is the only measure of who is oppressed and therefore deserving of privilege, entire academic fields will wither away. What’s the point of incurring a lifetime of debt to earn a PhD in Intersectional Victimhood Studies when the very concept of political intersectionality has been abolished?

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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