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Aug 03 2022

Mother Jones Eggs On Climate Vandals

Lest you run short of reasons to dislike moonbats, liberal organ Mother Jones is egging on woke vandals to let the air out of the tires of SUVs so as to improve the weather:

The Tyre Extinguishers movement started in the UK, spread to a clutch of other countries, and has now landed in the US. Since June, dozens of SUV and pickup truck owners in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago have discovered their vehicles with flat tires along with a note on the windshield declaring: “Your gas guzzler kills.”

According to liberal ideology, trucks and SUVs kill people with harmless carbon dioxide emissions that according to politically motivated models could increase the temperature by imperceptible increments over the course of many decades.

The vandals are cast as the victims, because they have allegedly received death threats for their noble crusade on behalf of the climate. The SUV owners are the bad guys.

Mother Jones asserts that Toyota Sequoias are “named after the towering trees that are on fire because of the climate emergency.” Readers are left to conclude that the owners of the Toyotas are responsible for setting the trees on fire.

“The amount of damage from a flat tire is nothing compared to climate change,” one envirovandal piously proclaims.

Anyone who believes that SUVs perceptibly change the climate belongs in a padded room. Yet people who embrace this psychotic ideology are in charge of most everything.

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