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Mar 31 2023

Nancy Pelosi Contributes to Trump Indictment Farce

The collapse of our judicial system into hyperpoliticized farce is further advanced by the announcement by Nancy Pelosi that Donald Trump has the right to prove his innocence against preposterous charges cooked up by a Soros stooge DA:

If you can believe that the grand jury acted appropriately regarding the facts and the law, maybe you can believe we live in a tinpot dictatorship where the accused have to prove they are innocent, rather than the prosecution proving they are guilty. This would necessitate not have made it through 6th grade civics class.

The farcical aspect of Trump’s indictment for a previously abandoned misdemeanor is not a bug but a feature.

No serious person thinks Alvin Bragg — who is infamous for letting real criminals run free — has a credible case against Trump. Yet even if Bragg is an Affirmative Action moron, he presumably takes orders from George Soros, who placed him in office. The explicitly anti-American Soros is also far and away the #1 funder of the Democratic Party. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Soros is evil but not stupid. The objective is not to put Trump in prison, but to rally Republican support behind him.

Democrats are not afraid of Trump. On the contrary, they are eager to run against him, because as the catastrophic failure of Trumpian candidates in the 2022 midterms made obvious, he is no longer electable. They are afraid of Ron DeSantis.

The more outrageous the Trump indictment, the more certain Trump is to be the nominee in 2024. That’s why Democrats aren’t even trying to make this look reasonable.

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