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Aug 06 2022

New York City Succumbs to Savagery

Due to moonbat rule, crime is effectively legal in New York City, which is no longer part of the civilized world.

City Journal has the stats to document a great city’s decline:

The city is currently seeing a 42 percent rise in petit larceny, 40 percent rise in robbery, and a nearly 50 percent rise in grand larceny since this time last year. …

Nearly a decade ago, 63 percent of cases disposed by the Manhattan DA’s office resulted in convictions, and only 12 percent ended in dismissals. Those proportions are now flipped: so far this year, only a third of disposed cases ended in convictions, and nearly half were dismissed. …

In 2013 (the earliest data readily available), convictions were secured for 61,762 Manhattan cases. More than halfway through 2022, the county has managed only 6,902 convictions. These decreases are even more astounding for lower-level crimes. In 2013—when the city had about 25 percent fewer violation offenses than today—Manhattan secured 7,528 convictions for disposed infraction/violation cases. This year, it has gotten 16.

It has gotten this bad with pro-criminal Soros-appointed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on the job only since January. Bragg’s mission is to splash gasoline on the flames:

Last January he announced, as his first order of business, that robbing a store with a dangerous weapon would no longer be charged as a felony, only as a misdemeanor—a category of cases for which convictions over the past 11 years fell by over 90 percent.

Rudy Giuliani worked wonders to clean up the mess liberals had made of New York when he took over as mayor in 1994. But the decay is so deep at this point that someone like Giuliani would stand no chance of getting elected. Those who have not had the good sense to escape New York choose tasteless jokes like Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams instead.

At least we can learn from this tragedy. Ever wonder how certain segments of society would behave if not compelled by law to act with civility? Now we know.

Once it’s clear that there are no criminal justice guardrails in effect, those restrained by neither family nor community norms feel emboldened to commit the worst kinds of violent acts for even trivial causes.

If we were all civilized, we would hardly need the police. But we live among savages. When liberals screech about defunding and abolishing police, they are demanding that civilized people to be marginalized in favor of people like these, whose pretext for violence was a $1.75 charge for dipping sauce:

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