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Aug 25 2023

NBC Falsifies Iconic Trump Mugshot

The liberal establishment media is so arrogant that there is nothing it won’t falsify — even the most iconic image of our times:

Democrats knew that if the next election is a referendum on the corrupt, senile, incompetent tool of the ultraleft Joe Biden, they will lose in a blowout, even with the media on their side. So they plotted to make it a referendum on Trump, putting him center stage and handing him the nomination with their specious indictments.

As it turns out, they are making the election a referendum on Democrats’ banana republic tactics, which if left unchecked will tip America into authoritarianism. You don’t have to be a fan of Trump to prefer him to the thugs who want to imprison him.

By focusing their vast reserves of psychotic hatred on Trump, leftists have created a monster from their own worst nightmares — an avenging angel who could save the country from them.

God help the USA if Trump loses. God help Democrats if he doesn’t.

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