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Apr 27 2023

New Permissible Terms for “Boy” and “Girl”

Political correctness does not stand still. Yesterday’s obsequious compliance is today’s thoughtcrime. For example, only recently, it was the height of wokeness to use the phrase “person assigned male at birth” in place of the disfavored word “boy.” However, this term has in turn been deemed offensive. The acceptable term is now “person who produces sperm.”

The word “girl” is also regarded as transphobic. Formerly, we could avoid the righteous wrath of wokescolds by referring to girls as “persons assigned female at birth.” However, a girl is now to be called a “person who produces eggs.” Presumably this applies even to girls who are too young to produce eggs.

Educrats at the Founders Memorial School in Essex Junction, Vermont have spoken:

We will be using the following language with students:

• Person who produces sperm in place of boy, male, and assigned male at birth.

• Person who produces eggs in place of girl, female and assigned female at birth.

The instructions specifically apply to fifth graders. It is important to instill correct language early, so kids don’t grow up speaking English like their politically incorrect ancestors.

Check back soon to see what new absurdly awkward term social engineers have decided we must use. Failing to update your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary may result in cancelation.

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