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Feb 03 2021

New York Times Calls for Reality Czar

The joke that progressives use 1984 as an instruction manual is not as funny as it used to be. The New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment, has published a piece by Kevin Roose entitled, “How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis.” It calls for a cross-agency task force under the command of a Reality Czar that would be a corollary of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

The Reality Czar would command “a centralized task force” that would “coordinate a single, strategic response” to what the liberal media establishment calls “disinformation” — i.e., facts and opinions that do not comply with the Democratic Party line.

When Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker sent 500 National Guard troops to contribute to the show of force that has been staged in Washington, he cited “the dark forces of racism, white supremacy, and disinformation.” Maybe the troops will help round up perpetuators of disinformation and escort them to Room 101 for what liberals call “deprogramming.”

Among the beliefs Roose wants the federal government to prevent us from holding is that COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab — which it probably did.

The liberal establishment’s embrace of totalitarianism is out in the open now:

The muddled, chaotic information ecosystem that produces these misguided beliefs … actively exacerbates our biggest national problems, and creates more work for those trying to solve them. And it raises an important question for the Biden administration: How do you unite a country in which millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality?

“Unite” is used in the Biden sense, meaning “conquer and pacify.” There is no question of seeking common ground. Liberals dictate their version of “reality” and the rest of us are forced to conform to it. That is the only unity that interests them.

I’ve spent the past several years reporting on our national reality crisis, and I worry that unless the Biden administration treats conspiracy theories and disinformation as the urgent threats they are, our parallel universes will only drift further apart, and the potential for violent unrest and civic dysfunction will only grow.

Our wrongthink must be rigorously suppressed, or else there will be violence.

Roose called upon “experts,” mostly from the leftist fever swamps of academia, to put an authoritative imprimatur on his opinions. That’s where he got the surreal concept of a task force headed by a Reality Czar to impose the liberal establishment’s notion of reality.

In the past year, we have seen Twitter suspend the account of the New York Post for breaking a bombshell story regarding Biden’s corruption and YouTube impose a stated policy of censoring anything that contradicts the ChiCom-dominated World Health Organization on COVID-19. Yet the Paper of Record thinks Big Tech needs federal assistance to become still more authoritarian:

This task force could also meet regularly with tech platforms, and push for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extremism and misinformation problems. (For example, it could formulate “safe harbor” exemptions that would allow platforms to share data about QAnon and other conspiracy theory communities with researchers and government agencies without running afoul of privacy laws.)

You don’t need privacy laws unless you are trying to hide something from Big Brother.

Several experts recommended that the Biden administration push for much more transparency into the inner workings of the black-box algorithms that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other major platforms use to rank feeds, recommend content and usher users into private groups, many of which have been responsible for amplifying conspiracy theories and extremist views.

The people who run the media benefit more than anyone from the First Amendment. Yet they literally want the federal government to control what can be said online, so as to suppress “conspiracy theories” that sometimes turn out to be true and “extremist views” that include any views that contradict liberal establishment dogma.

Alarmingly, Roose portrays the expression of views he disagrees with as “a public health issue.” He recommends ads targeting thought criminals “with empathetic messages about mental health and mindfulness.” If that doesn’t work, there are always mental institutions, as in the Soviet Union.

Maybe liberals really do believe they can control the climate. They seem to think they can control reality itself, if they just apply enough coercion.

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